Opinions about the Cabas Mezzo

  1. I really really really :heart: and want the mezzo. I just love how it's big and roomy and it just looks great with everything you wear....

    I can't pay full retail for it since it's a wee bit out of my budget. So I was looking to buy a used one so I've been looking through ebay and the ones that they have are under $500 which is awesome but they totally look like it's been used and abused. The leather is dark and the inside of the bag is really dirty.

    Do I just suck it up and pay retail for it or do I just buy a used one? My reasoning for getting the cheaper one was that the bag is going to get dirty anyways so why not save some money? But then this is one of the bags I want to keep a long long time so I don't want to start with a used one..

    please help!
  2. You can wait until a better one shows up on ebay. Or buy a new one. If this is a purse that you will love...I say, buy it new, and love it forever!!!
  3. i'd buy used, no worries then about the new naked leather. You'll get more use out of it and frankly i dont see the bottom of the bag so I could care less. But that is up to you.
    If you're tight for money i'd go used and not think twice you'll still enjoy the bag.

    I bought my piano used to that reason, no worries about the bottom of the bag.
  4. I'm thinking of getting the Mezzo too. I would never buy LV over the internet because 99% of Louis Vuitton bags in existence are fake/counterfeit and only 1% is authentic. Many people think they have authentic LV's because the seller claims it is, but in reality, they have fakes. Fakes also differentiate in quality- some are better than others (there is an entire industry for counterfeit LV's). The only way to be sure you have an authentic one is by buying it at an LV Boutique or Neiman Marcus/Saks Fifth Avenue.
  5. Keep checking let-trade. There was a great Mezzo there the other day! There have been a couple of not-as-great ones lately, but sometimes nice ones pop up.
    I've been looking at used Mezzos for a while and in my experience under $500 is not going to get you a very nice-looking one in terms of the leather.

  6. that is my reasoning too. i have the marshmallow verni mallory and i can't use it cuz i'm afriad the botom is going to get dirty. if i get a nice used one, i don't have to worry about getting it dirty....

    i'll just have to look to see if a cleaner one comes on ebay. i just wanted cleaner inside and handles..

  7. i check there and with some sellers on ebay. the nicer ones go for at least $600... i'll keep checking. if i get it, i'll be sure to post pics!;)
  8. I totally agree on a used one. I got an eBay Piano with awesome patina already on it... and clean! You just kind of have to stalk the Mezzo on eBay and let-trade... and get obsessed. It's fun but frustrating, LOL
  9. I really love the Mezzo too and think it is a wonderful bag for every day use. If you really like this bag that much, I would say save a little longer to get a brand new one.
  10. i have been looking for one for about that price too. i find the same thing as you do. honestly i don't need perfect- just not scary. theres a pretty scary one listed now and i thought i could replace the leather and lining- i called the 866 number- it's about 600 dollars just to replace the leather. even the person on the phone said i would be better off getting a new one. ah well. patience grasshopper.

  11. that's crazy!! $600? i thought it was $80 to change the handle?
  12. i think that you can get one that's in pretty good shape for around 600, if you keep your eyes open. good luck!