Opinions about the aqua Mabel


Jan 31, 2008
I have some credit vouchers and really want a summer bag that I wont be frightened to wear if it happens to sprinkle (which is every day lately!). I have a Chloe, but I paid so much she is just sitting in her bag with me frightened to wear her if there is even a sniff of rain.

I need something practical, like the rose Mabel, but since there are not too many around I don't expect I will get one. The oulets have told me they have gotten the odd one or two, but not many!

My other option is the aqua, which is lovely :love:. Is it practical for slinging over my shouldler if the skies open up??


Dec 13, 2006
I have no idea how practical the aqua Mabel is, but it's absolutely dreamy :girlsigh: It's back on the website now, btw ;)

I guess it's very similar to the midnight Mabel you sold - same size, shape, antiqued leather. How do you think that would have held up to the rain? Part of me thinks it's supposed to look a bit battered and will get better with age. I would be concerned about watermarks on that colour, though.

I really love the colour so much - although have yet to see it IRL. That said, I'm not convinced the regular size Mabel is right for *me* so I'm hoping that Mulberry bring out more bags in this beautiful colour :heart:

One of the ladies here has bought one so hopefully she'll be able to give an answer from experience.


Nov 30, 2006
Bath, UK
Kerilynn - I think it will depend on how 'precious' you are with your bags. I love mine but I'm quite casual. I do spray them, treat them with nourisher & don't like them to get marked but I don't baby them. They get piled under my sons' gear in the car, they end up sitting on the floor at meetings etc so they have to stand up to wear & tear.
I reckon the aqua Mabel would be a good everyday bag as long as you can cope with it marking. The antiqued leather will get a 'creased' look which you have to know you could live with. It's just like the midnight but may show more on the aqua. Fabulous colour though.


Supernatural Addict
Apr 5, 2008
Kerilynn - I have the aqua mabel and I bought it as an everyday bag :yes: . Must admit though tend not to take it out if it is chucking it down as I have only had it a month or so lol. It is practical and a good size. The colour is gorgeous (some pics on the catwalk thread) and I have had soooo many comments from folks at work etc about it. It is a statement piece and goes with most colours etc. Up close the colour is amazing. :drool:


...get a life..TPF !
Oct 4, 2007
^^^ Its the same leather as my midnight - not good for an everyday bag unless you like the " battered bag " look - still a fab bag tho !!


Hula O'Hoop
Mar 21, 2007
Its a gorgeous colour, but Im not sure about the scratches - do you think they would be more noticeable because the bag is lighter coloured than the purple? I guess it depends how much you are bothered by signs of use.