Opinions about ordering from gucci.com

  1. What is the conscensus about ordering from them? Good? Bad? Also how hard is it to make returns?
  2. If you order online..They just send the order to the closest store...Easier to call the store and get a SA to deal with
  3. I think the nearest store is San Francisco, so is that how it's done? Have you ordered from them direct Jill?
  4. When I bought my Guccissima this past summer. I bought it from a SA named Danny at the SF store. He was really nice and helpful. If you call the store, ask for him!
  5. When I ordered mine online, the bag was sent from the nearest Gucci store. It was nicely packaged though.
  6. When I have ordered things that didnt work out I just return them to my local Gucci store with no problems. For whatever reason in size 11 shoes they always seem to be shipped from NYC, Beverly Hills or Florida. Also if you try to order online and it says (NONE AVAILABLE) call a store and have them check for you anyway and keep checking periodically...I have been desparately trying to find a certain shoe in size 11 all season and kept calling various stores and finally found it in Florida yesterday and it is on the way! The website says none available but 2 are available in the US.
  7. Oh yes, they do a fabulous job of packaging...everything i have ordered comes in a box and wrapped with ribbon and a card with my receipt and a thank you note in an envelope.
  8. I ordered a wallet from gucci.com and it was a great experience; I couldn't fault it, in any way.

    I don't know about returns, as I, thankfully, had no reason to have to return it! :biggrin:
  9. I just returned things to my local store. I did this yesterday actually. If you dont have a local store...I guess you just mail it back to the store that shipped it to you.
  10. I've ordered from Gucci.com and the orders were usually delivered w/in 2-3 business days because they were already in stock. As far as returning, I haven't for anything I've purchased, but I doubt they will hassle you if you return at the boutique itself or via shipping.
  11. I thought I read on this forum that when you order from gucci.com, they get it from the nearest store near you and ship it to your home. Does anyone know if that includes items from outlets, like if a bag is in stock will they send it from a outlet store. And what merchandise goes to the outlets?