Opinions about jewellery in the workplace?

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  1. I am just curious as to what others think about wearing fine jewellery pieces in the workplace (specifically a corporate environment), especially very obviously branded ones such Cartier Love etc.

    I am going back to work next week for the first time in five years after having my daughter and will be working in a corporate environment as a senior level PA. I worked for the same type of company prior to my pregnancy, but it has been so long since I have been in that mindset that I feel a bit insecure/unsure about what would be appropriate to wear. I don’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons or alienate anyone. I am fairly sure that a lady I used to work with disliked me based on the fact that I wore some nice things. I also like a nice handbag so don’t want to look snobby or spoilt. Hoping you lovely jewellery ladies will be able to advise!

    For background, I am in my late 30s (have been told I look late 20s/early 30s) and a classic dresser. My wardrobe for work will be mainly knee length dresses/pencil skirts with a cardigan and heels. My daily jewellery staples at home are my wedding rings, right hand ring (normally Cartier Trinity or a gemstone ring), earrings (normally drops) and Cartier Love cuff. Sometimes I add a necklace but wouldn’t wear everything at once - either earrings/necklace/rings or earrings/bracelet/rings.

    What do people think about wearing brands like Cartier at work? What about drop earrings as opposed to studs? Any thoughts on how many pieces can be worn at once before it looks too OTT/inappropriate?
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  2. maybe start out wearing just wedding ring, earrings and watch (if you wear one). as far as brand names, is this an environment where people would recognize them?
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  3. Thanks for your reply! Yes, that’s what I was thinking re starting off with just a couple of pieces. I normally wear either a Tag Heuer Aquaracer or Hermes Cape Cod watch, will probably wear the Hermes to work as the Tag has diamonds around the bezel as well as diamond markers.

    The company is in the financial district so I have no doubt people would recognise brand names. Most of my jewellery is unbranded 18k YG, I only have a handful of branded pieces. However, I do tend to wear the Love cuff everyday either on its own or stacked with another bracelet.
  4. Where I currently work, I wear a watch, and rarely my studs. Otherwise none. Not even a plain band. The comments I get about how they could use that to pay their bills for their lifetime, plus being in a not great part of the city and needing to use my hands for my job...not worth it.
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  5. I would recommend keeping it simple - a watch, a bracelet, your rings and earrings. I love drop earrings and think they are okay for work as long as they are on the smaller side and not too large or long. Maybe just start out with non-branded items and see how it goes. You can always add or change things after you settle in and get a feel for the place.
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  6. Just wear makes you comfortable and safe in the neighborhood. We spent most of our times at work, at lease 8 hours a day, so might as well enjoy what we wear. Including handbags and jewelry. Life is too short, so enjoy as long it is safe and no robbery at the workplace.
  7. I would keep it simple and discreet, until you get a feel for the culture at your new workplace.
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  8. I am in the US in the bank industry and prior to that I was in the jewelry business so I love my jewelry. I tend to wear all my jewelry. Mostly diamonds. But like others mentioned i try to balance it out. Unfortunately, there will always be the ones who give us dirty looks. If I wear a large dia pendant I move away from my dia bracelets. I will still have studs and my wedding ring. If I wear large dia earrings, I will only wear my wedding ring. I will choose a statement piece and balance other items around it. This is tough because I learned that ppl will judge so I am being more gracious towards myself and enjoying my jewelry
  9. I’d keep it very simple at first, especially in the finance field, and as a newbie in your workplace: no more than 3 pieces - a wedding set, or just a band if your engagement ring is large, a wristwatch, and stud earrings. If you want to wear a bracelet (unbranded) or necklace, then eliminate the earrings or wristwatch, but never more than 3 items. This will make you look classy and credible.
    Wishing you success in your new job!
  10. I don’t blame you. I can’t believe people say things like that though, it’s so rude! At least the lady at my old job never actually said anything, but she used to give me dirty looks which made me really uncomfortable. The irony is that she was senior to me and would have earnt treble my salary or more. I just choose to spend my money on jewellery as opposed to fancy holidays or restaurants like so many people do (and nothing wrong with that, each to their own).
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  11. Thanks for your advice, that makes sense to start off small and then see what other people wear/what the environment is like. I love drop earrings but do normally go for small drops anyway - max 30mm.
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  12. I totally agree, life is indeed too short. I think the working environment itself will be very safe, however travelling to work might not be so I need to factor that in to what I wear too.
  13. Thanks, will definitely keep it simple to start until I get a feel for the place.
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  14. I'd start off with a wedding band, watch (if you wear one), and earrings (studs, hoops, whatever). Keep it conservative and subtle until you figure out the culture and personalities.

    There's one guy in my organization who would always joke about how big my engagement ring is. It's not that big - but he would always say the diamond was blinding him or ask if my hand was tired from lifting it because it was so large. I'd joke back that I've seen bigger.
  15. I’ll be working in insurance so similar environment to you. I bet you have some wonderful pieces, given your past working background! I like the idea of a statement piece and then balancing one or two other simpler pieces around it. Unfortunately I’m thinking my Cartier Love might need to stay at home though, which I’m so sad about as I really adore it.

    What do you think about wearing a tennis bracelet at work? Mine is ‘only’ 3.30 carat, so not a massive dazzler, but it is very sparkly.
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