Opinions about dental vineers or lumineers??

  1. I have no clue to any of these but I was talking to someone today and the subject came up... She said she wanted to get some vineers or lumineers done because she loves how they look super white and perfect. Which is cool...

    I on the other hand has suffered from a sports injury that has given one of my tooth on my upper right side of my smile chipped. After talking to my friend I was seriously considering getting it fixed.

    Does anybody have a opinions about it? Which is better... cost, upkeep.. how does it work? I have never thought about it or ever got into the subject but now i'm willing to learn!:biggrin:

  2. Yes they look good & if your tooth is chipped then you might want to get this. Problem is they take away some of your own tooth to do it & then you have problems with the crowns coming off so it can be the start of bother
  3. Don't know much about lumineers, but I've had veneers for the past 13 years. They are amazing and just like real teeth. I highly recommend.
  4. ^^^ Just like lelgin said, they are great, they don't stain when you drink tea, coffee or red wine, and the are pretty hardy.
  5. traditional veneers, yes, but the new lumineers- no.

    that's all i know though. id like someone to take me through how it goes to get them because i need them too, for practical reasons. i have a congential defect with tooth enamel whereas its basically all gone and im only 25 :sad: and because of it, my teeth HURT, they stain easily and they're chipping away. im going to need veneers sometime very soon if i want to even have teeth, and just to protect what i have left. :wtf:
  6. I have had veneers in 4 front teeth for almost a year. I got them as one of the filling in front was constantly coming off, and I am glad I got them. The teeth now look really perfect!
  7. I love pretty teeth...Im so blessed, with really white teeth, so much so that people think I have vineers!! I do not!!! But I would in a heart beat if I needed it!
  8. Lumineers are supposedly thicker than porcelain veneers, therefore not as natural in appearance as porcelain veneers. I opted for porcelain veneers - I have quite a few
  9. One point that I forgot -- go to a GOOD and EXPERIENCED doc, who has done them for years. How, I do not get it, but my friend has managed to loose them twice!!!!
    We had different docs, though.
  10. Have you ever considered braces, or bonding if you have a chipped tooth? Veneers and lumineers can get very expensive, espically if you need 5 or more. I know veneers can range about $1000-$1200 per tooth, depending on the doctor. At one time, I was also looking into them, but my teeth, weren't bad at all, so my doctor actually talked me out of it! Can you beleive that!! Also, remember veneers are permante. Veneers look beautiful but IMO theres nothing better than your natural teeth. It gives you personality espically, if your teeth aren't that bad.

  11. LMAO same here!:nuts:
  12. I have eight empress veneers on my top teeth...I had them done in August. I had straight teeth but I just didn't like my smile. My dentist did an amazing job. He also did lasering to sculpt my gumline. It wasn't cheap (about $10K total) but I love my teeth now...and they look completely natural. I also had braces as a teenager.
  13. I'm actually looking into bonding...cheaper than veneers...but will last about as long as regular crowns do.
    I had bonding done about 10 years ago after I had braces taken off and they had left marks on my teeth that wouldn't go away and left an uneven surface. Now they are chipping off (10 years later) so I'm having 6 top teeth re-bonded. Only costing about $1800.
  14. i also have a chip on one of my front teeth!
    are there any other options of fixing it besides veneers?
  15. I have had porcelian veneers on my front 6 teeth for about 20 years now. I cannot imagine not having them. They are perfect.