Opinions - 227 red patent reissue or red caviar jumbo?

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  1. Hi All, I have recently purchase the 227 red patent reissue and am now wondering if i should have bought the red caviar instead. I am in love with the red patent reissue but the only problem i have is the durability of patent leather.

    Would patent leather peel and how careful do i have to be? I do not take care of my bag, thus, all my bags are caviar.

    P/S: how do i take care of patent leather?

    all advice is appreciated. thanks!!
  2. I own patent and they have been pretty much instructurable and I can take them out in the rain, though not intentionally. I've never had problems with peeling or cracking and I don't baby patent like I baby lambskin or calf. If you like the red patent, you should keep it. Fall patent reissue is gorgeous!
  3. thanks princess.. so glad to know that patent is instructurable!! so i supposed it can be used as a everyday bag?
  4. I have have 2 patent bags and they are awesome. They are easy to maintain and barely show signs of wear.
  5. I have the red patent reissue in the 227 size. I've been using it for a couple months and it looks brand new. I like that the finger prints don't show like they do on my black patent chevron. The red bag is beautiful and everyone notices it. I really don't do anything special to care for it, but I am careful with all my bags. Keep it!!!
  6. thanks gals!!! :ty:
    the 227 red patent will be my new everyday bag!!! :woohoo: