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  1. Is this summery and springy?
    in suede with shackle buckles.
    suede strap and detail.
    brass hardware.
    inside zip pocket.
    canvas lining.
    interior pockets for cell phone and blackberry.
    10 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 4".

  2. I don't know about summery or springy, but it's a gorgeous bag!
  3. When I think of a spring or summer bag, I think white, ivory, pink and all the fun colors especially in the summer. That bag looks great as an everyday bag.
  4. I think it can be, with the right outfits. Also, it depends on where you live too, here in California and especially in San Francisco, we don't get the four seasons of the year. June/July could be scorching hot in New York, but here in SF, we could have spring weather. It really never gets too hot or too cold here, thank god!
  5. Its got spring/summer potential!
  6. I think that it could work year long.
  7. Hmm, to me suede is more a winter bag. The colour is also more wintery. Spring/summer I tend to think more bright colours.
  8. Who makes that bag? It's a really pretty style. I tend to shy away from darker suedes in the spring and summer, but if you're sporting a more bohemian ensemble (floaty, flowery dress, brown sandals) you could probably pull it off.
  9. For spring/summer I'd go with a lighter/brighter color. I have a suede bag I use in spring/summer but it is a bright blue with metallic details.
  10. I agree w/ some of the others. It's not a "Spring/Summer" bag per se. You can get away w/ using it but it's not Summery really.
    A lighter brown color would be a little summer-ier!
  11. That is a Burberry, I love that bag. Neiman's had it in kelly green, very springy imo!
  12. I really like it. IMHO, it looks more like a fall color but if it was a lighter green, then I would say spring.
  13. I would have to agree that it's not really the must summer-like bag but it is still beautiful & you could easily use it as an everyday bag. Love the Burberry!
  14. More like fallish/winterish IMO. But very pretty bag!
  15. My husband bought that bag for me for my birthday--in chocolate brown. That was the first time he has ever done anything like that!

    Anyway, it's a great bag--good size, easy to carry, and not at all common--people ask me about it all the time!

    Is it summery--well, not as much as a white or cream bag, but I think the style is relaxed and practical for summer. Go for it!!!