1. I think there are plenty of reasons to love that bag, and I have been looking at it on line for over a month! I also don't think it is age-restricted, since zebra is so popular.

    This bag is not leather, but a coated fabric (the Dooney site does not tell you that), making it light weight to start, and a lot cheaper than the leather zebra Dooney bags. I had my hands on this in other colors at Nordstrom.
  2. pinkshoulders, i am going for it and ordering it! i love it!
  3. I have seen it I like it as well. Is the new tiger print the same material? Just curious I saw it advertised on Macy's website.
  4. i just ordered it :smile: I got it standard shipping, has anyone ordered from dooney.com and know how long that generally takes? there was not a time estimation on it.
  5. Dooney ships from Massachusetts, so it depends on where you are; I shipped my last bag regular priroity mail and it got to me in about 4-5 days from order (to Virginia). Since it is Saturday, not sure when the order will process.

    They understand near-instant gratification!

    Post modeling pics when you get it!!

    Shoeguru3, I think you can usually tell the material of a Dooney bag by the price for the size. A large sac in leather is usually around $400.
  6. i am in VA too pinkshoulders! I am from nova but I go to school in Southern VA, so that is where it will be shipped.
  7. I was eyeing this particular bag too but in the grey/white print. I suggest that you go and look at it in the store before you buy it. When I originally saw it I thought that it was going to be a leather print or printed ponyhair. I saw it one day at NM and it was really cheap feeling plastic. I totally didn't expect it! The material is kind of stiff and up close it doesn't look as good as I expected. Other than that, the tote is definely really cute and would be a great school tote.