Opinion: which one to get in Diamier

  1. Which style to purchase....Alma or speedy 25?

    Need help in deciding!!!
  2. I'm a speedy fan, but thats just me! Go to the store and try both on - you'll know which one once you see yourself with it.
  3. I vote Alma...but I like more structured bags. Either would be lovely.
  4. speedy
  5. Speedy! I think the alma is kind of old looking...jmho.
  6. I have and LOVE my damier speedy 30!
  7. I love them both - but if I were to get only one, I'd probably get the Alma. Super classic.

    But then again, so is the Speedy...

    Alma over Speedy 25 imo. If it were b/w Alma and Speedy 30? Now that would be difficult for me...
  8. Speedy - all the way! ;)
  9. Speedy
  10. I have speedy 25 and alma in monogram. GET BOTH! I would be heartbroken to have to give up either one.

    I do like hanging the lock on the zipper pull of the alma, better than stretching the leather on the leather tab. If you think you will be wanting a strap to carry over the shoulder the alma has the extra loop on the hardware. If you overstuff, speedy is your bag - alma looks funny overstuffed. If you need to see everything in the bag, get the alma - speedy has a smaller opening.
  11. Speedy
  12. I'd get the SPEEDY.
  13. I vote speedy too! They are so cute!
  14. Speedy!! The alma in damier does not look right for me. the other lines look better (especially Epi)
  15. Speedy. Its so nice and I'm thinking about picking up one myself.