Opinion: Which Beauty Counter to get Makeover?

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  1. I wanted to get my make-up done on my birthday and thought I would head to one of the beauty counters in Nordstrom. I don't wear a ton of make-up but would like to try out a cat eye liner and play up my eyes with nice eyeshadows, everything else can be relatively simple in color. I want something fun, young, but not over the top. Which counter do you ladies think would work for me (I'm turning 30, so I can't look like a teeny-bopper, but I don't want something my mother would go to, no offense to mom :biggrin:): Nars, Smashbox, MAC or other?
    Should I make an appointment or do you think it would be okay to just walk up when I get there?
  2. Nars or MAC, check the FOTD thread bec bunnymasseuse had an allergic reaction to a smashbox counter makeover!
  3. I would make an appointment if it's going to be on a Friday or Saturday or even Sunday. Weekends are the busiest for them. I scheduled an appointment at a MAC store once on a weekend. They were super busy! They told me t would be $50 but that my $50 could be applied toward any purchase I made (which was fine because I planned to buy a $50 brush set anyway). The girl didn't rush me and seemed to take her time helping me and applying makeup.

    Later, I made an appointment at MAC in Nordstrom on a Wednesday evening. The girl who helped me was awesome. She spent over 2 hours with me playing with different looks etc. I bought a bunch of stuff from her. I went back on a weekend and I wanted her to help me but she was busy doing makeup on other people that requested her. You don't want to be disappointed on your birthday. I would call each counter you are interested in and see what their policies and reccomendations are.

    As for which counter, I personally think the MAC people are all about makeup! I'm a fan of Nars too but I would choose MAC.
  4. MAC counter! They are awesome.
  5. Well, I'm going on Monday morning, so it shouldn't be too busy, but it looks like MAC is winning. Thanks for your suggestions!!
  6. yes, MAC counter is awesome!
  7. DEF mac, they really know what they do and the make-up is more fun than bobbi brown
  8. Another vote for MAC, just because they are known for their more over the top colours, doesn't mean that they don't do amazing neutrals as well! I don't know when your birthday is, but next Thursday is a *huge* launch, so maybe schedule after that to have those products available too!
  9. Wow my MAC counter must be really bad...I like MAC products but I've never once liked my makeup when they did it. I always feel like they make me look too young and I'm only 19. But I guess everyone else likes MAC :smile:
  10. I didn't know there's a fee!

    The first time I approached a MAC counter at Bloomie's, I got help with e/s colors and placement, etc and I liked it! The MUA didn't make me feel as if I had to buy anything, she just wrote down everything she used and explained their uses. I did go back to her eventually, but I don't think I plunked down $50 worth.
  11. Dior is a wonderful option I have always had great experiences at their counter
  12. I don't think they are consistent with this "policy." I think they just try to avoid people who have no intentions of purchasing anything coming in or schecduling appointments to have their makeup done before they go out. I understand the policy but it annoys me. The last time I went in I asked for makeup help and they totally did my eye makeup without charging me anything.

    I only mention it because I didn't want OP to be surprised or dissapointed if they told her it was $50. I doubt they would care on a Monday morning but you never know.
  13. Would try MAC...
  14. Yes, you're right. Although I had good experiences at the Bloomie's MAC counter, I did get pushed at EL because I wanted to try their double wear foundation.
  15. I'm pretty sure the policy at MAC is, that if you call and make an actual appointment, you have to purchase $50 worth of stuff for the makeover. However, if you walk up and are asking for advice/help, and the artist OFFERS to do your eyes or whatever, which they will do from time to time if they aren't busy, then you are under no obligation to buy.