Opinion: What do you all think of this bag???

  1. Will more than likely be getting a Black Jumbo Classic bag for the holidays, but stumbled upon this on eBay in the meantime. I know this Seller sells authentic merchandise, so that's not the issue. Just wanted to know what you all think, as you are much more well versed on Chanels than I am. Also, if anyone has this style, does the shoulder strap fit comfortably on the shoulder, or is it a short shoulder strap? The Seller claims that it has a 7" dr[​IMG]op length, but it looks longer....Thanks!
  2. i saw that bag this morning, think it's cute
  3. lovely!:yes:
  4. I think it's really pretty.
  5. I don't love that personally. . .
    did they say it has a 7" DROP or it's 7" long? That strap doesn't look long enough for a shoulder.
    Maybe they could e-mail you a photo of it on{?}
  6. It is nice, but not 'wow' for me and I guess, being truthful, not a patch on a jumbo classic. However, it isn't me who will be wearing it, so I say follow your heart. One observation though is that I rarely ask what others think when I adore a bag, only when I have doubts, albeit subconscious doubts . . .
  7. i think it's adorable in the pic but also wonder what it will look like on.
  8. not a huge fan, there are much prettier chanels out there. it's shape seems a little awkward to me, like the handle isn't the right width for the bag, and the flap cuts off at a weird point in the length of the bag.
  9. I like it but am curious about the shoulder drop too. Doesn't look quite long enough to fit over the shoulder comfortably. If that's an issue, just like swanky said, I'd email the seller and ask for more info or a pic.
  10. I like the color, but the strap does look very short.
  11. I love the color of the bag, but not really the overall design. Plus like others have said, that strap looks too short to be a shoulder bag.
  12. I'm with everyone else on the strap- need to make sure it will fit on the shoulder!
    I do really like the color, though!
    BUT, on the other hand, if it were me and I wanted a flap and then got this pretty bag...I would still need to get a flap...soooo if you get this one will you still HAVE to buy the flap????
    Just throwin' that out there.....
  13. I like the boxy shape but don't like the fact it looks to be be handbag, not shoulder. And the color isn't wowing me.
  14. Its a cute bag. I like the flap and subtle CC's on it. But for me perosnally, Its not my type of bag. I like bags with longer shoulder drops. It would worry me that it'd be too short and end up under your armpit, and in the summer time, there is that potential of deodrant ans sweat getting on the bag.
  15. It look nice, but personally it is not my cup of tea.:nogood: