Opinion wanted on my new BV sunnies

  1. I went to get a new pair of prescription glasses and ended up with a new pair of sunnies as well, from Bottega Veneta. :love: (The hard box they came in makes for a nice mini-clutch too :lol: = DOUBLE WIN!!!)

    They're featured on the BV site with this picture

    The clear plastic is quite a bit darker, so the butterflies aren't immediately visible unless there's really strong light or you look up close (think almost nose to nose).

    It's my first pair of "fashion" sunglasses, all the other ones I have are practical/sensibly timeless glasses that I've had for yonks.

    Do you like them?
    How would you accessorize them (make-up, jewelry,clothing...)?
  2. I Love Love Love Them!!!!
  3. ooooh very nice!
  4. Very sexy ! :love:
  5. Those are so cute! I love them!!! :love:
  6. Now all I need is a cocaine habit and I'm Hohan in no time!! Woot!!!1!!11!! (just kidding, btw :lol:)

    I love my glasses and wouldn't suffer them to be demeaned by the likes of trashy slebs.
  7. Perja, how much were they, if you don't mind me asking? :shame:
  8. Very nice sunglasses! Congrats!
  9. They were 246 at the shop and the guy gave me a discount so I paid 220. They're quoted 220 on the BV site though.
  10. Thanks! I just bought a pair of Chanel sunnies, but I love these! Hmm, maybe I need a pair just for the beach? :P You can never have too many pairs of sunglasses, right? Erm. Just trying to justify buying them :lol:
  11. They're very cute!
  12. Love them! Tres chic. ;) Love the butterly repeat pattern on these.

    Promise you won't sit on them LOL :P:lol::biggrin:
  13. I love them! I really need a new pair too!
  14. My bum too deserves glasses! :P:lol:
  15. they're adorable!