OPINION: Termination of pregnancy due to sex determination

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  1. Alright, before I even post what I want your opinions about - I just wanted to write a little disclaimer. I in no way posted this to cause drama or arguements between members. I read about this on a website, and wanted to see what your all's opinions are on this topic.

    So, here's what I'd like your opinions on:

    Would you terminate your pregnancy if you found out your baby was of a certain sex?

    The reason why I am posting this is because of these two threads that I read recently:




    Here are my two cents on this topic:
    All my life I have wanted to have a baby girl. That doesn't mean that I *only* want girls, but I think I would like to at least have one girl. Now, if I end up being blessed with only boys - I will be more than happy. I consider children a blessing and thank God everyday that I have the ability to have children. Many men and women are unable to have children, and I somewhat find the fact that women will terminate their pregnancy just on grounds of sex determination, selfish. I am in no way saying that all women who have / will terminate their pregnancies are selfish, since most have valid reasons...But I do not find "I WANTED TO HAVE A BOY/GIRL!!!" to be a valid reason. Again, this is just my opinion and I'm in no way trying to flame on anybody.

    I thought that the topic was interesting when I read it on babycenter, and I'd like your opinions on it :smile:

  2. I would never terminate a pregnancy because of which sex it was. I would not terminate a pregnancy unless it was medically necessary to save my life or something of that nature.
  3. It's comments like these that especially tick me off:

    Boys clothes are uggly. I can't change a boys diaper. They pee standing (wha? us girls in the house tolerating that?). They are slower learning things. I love my dd for being independent though loving. I don't want a kid hanging on my boobs like boys do all their lifes for their moms.

    I mean...WTH!?
  4. I can answer this absurdity very simply;

    This is a classic case where medical science had gone TOO FAR! Designer bags, sure. Designer HUMANS? Nope, no way, nada. Bizarre and self-centered beyond all comprehension.

    I'm pro-choice too, so there you go! Not all pro-choicers think abortion is appropriate under every type of "choice" option. Especially the sex of the fetus. Good Lord! Save us all!! :wtf:
  5. ditto, terminating due to the sex is sick:hysteric:
  6. I am pretty girly. I always dreamed of having a girl primarily because of the extremely close relationship I have with my own mom. But presently I have two boys. If I got pregnant tommorow and they told me within 10 minutes of conception that it was going to be a boy I would have another boy. I enjoy having boys so much. My sons are my heart and soul. I couldnt imagine either of them not being here because I wanted a girl. Its bad enough that some women find themselves in the situation that they have to seek an abortion for whatever reason (I am VERY PRO CHOICE). Its emotionally scarring and stays with you for life, but to do it for such a frivilous reason is in my opinion, selfish and and immature.
  7. I agree. I think terminating a pregnancy just due to the fact the baby is a boy or girl is absolutely unacceptable.
  8. The idea of killing a baby for being the "wrong" sex upsets me beyond words. If you can't love a child unconditionally, maybe motherhood isn't for you!
  9. I'm biased because even getting pregnant for me comes with a lot of medications, a lot of heartache. I would be happy with whatever was given to me.

    However, I am also pro-choice and while I DISAGREE with terminating a pregnancy because of a gender, it is the woman's choice, ultimately.
  10. In the future, I would like to have 3 or 5 children, and I would really prefer that they all be girls. If I had already had two boys and found out I was having a third boy, I would consider terminating and then trying for a girl. Due to some very personal issues, I don't know if I could deal with having only boys. I feel that I need to have a daughter in the future.

    Marriage and children are years away for me, but as of now, this is how I feel.
  11. I hope that you don't find my response to your post as an attack, but I do have a question. Say that you were to already have 2 boys, and 1 girl. Would what you said still apply if you were to become pregnant with another boy?
  12. Good question, lamiastella. My response to northernbelle33 is that if you feel that strongly about not having boys, that you shouldn't get pregnant, you should adopt. Then you can absolutely guarantee you get the "right sex" child. As I said, I'm 2000% against this insane notion of "designer babies." :censor:
  13. Why do humans tend to believe they can play 'God'? Termination due to gender is absurd in my opinion.

    Pretty sad society in which people believe it's their "choice" to abord a pregnancy just because the healthy baby is not of the wished gender. Similarly as absurd as societies in which females are mistreated/abused/oppressed because they aren't born as males.
  14. If a woman wants...say...only girls...and she becomes pregnant with a boy...and then terminates the pregnancy. What is she going to do the next time she becomes pregnant and it's ALSO a boy? Will she abort again and again until she gets the "right" sex?

    I think this is wrong on so many levels.
  15. Because the technology is there now. If I understood correctly, there's now (or soon will be) the technology to create any type of baby you want. You want your baby to be blonde? Boom! You got it. One blue eye, and one green eye? No problem!
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