Opinion - Sunset Drive likes and dislikes?

  1. Sunset Drive pros and cons??

    I’m going back and forth between the Amarante pochette wallet and a sunset drive and wonder how are you liking the style?:wondering

    Do you find it only good for an evening bag or can it double as a little small day bag too?
    Are the finger prints brutal - or not an issue?
    Any thoughts would really be appreciated?
    Thank you for letting me inquire?:smile:
  2. I think there's a difference in the two, one is more a clutch then a wallet imo.

    So I guess if i was looking for a wallet i'd go with the pochette wallet.

    Not sure about finger prints, i have the pomme cles and its been ok. By far I dont baby it and its held up well.
  3. I have the pearl sunset so I have no problem with fingerprint.
    It can be use as wallet, clutch and a bag.
    It's 6 credit card slot and I also put another 6 cards there, my cell phone, cash, coupons, car key.
    I find it fit to my daily use, really love bag even think to get another one in Amarante for night out ((hopefully not much people notice the fingerprint))
  4. i LIKE THEM BOTH - was deciding on the same thing, but went with the amarante pochette wallet. She can double as a pochette at night, I think the sunset is to large to be comfortable inside a bag, but to each there own.
    I love the amarante color and this is my first wallet.
  5. I love my amarante sunset! I can't really compare it to a wallet, just think it's a very thoughtful small clutch with cc slots built in. Different than a pochette wallet. The pochette wallet is so awesome (I own dentelle), the way everything can be organized as a wallet should be. Eventhough I have the sunset, I would consider a zippy amarante. That is a beautiful wallet too!
  6. Thank you for your thoughts!

    I was hoping the sunset would work out ok as a daily carry money, cell phone - run in and out of places kind of bag.
    Sounds like it may work out well for me :smile:
  7. Yep. It's a good bag for that, better than a wallet IMO... My zippy kept me so organized on all my summer travels, that wallet is to die for, but don't feel right carrying her as a bag, you could... but, feel better about the Sunset as a real clutch...
  8. The sunset blvd. is very versatile, if you're not bothered by smudges, then its ok for you. I'm not as crazy about it now, since it's summer and hot here, and the color is very fall and winter....maybe in the fall I'll feel differently.....