Opinion square check vs classic check watch please

  1. I just bought myself the square check burberry watch today and now i'm having second thoughts. I went to burberry.com to check out more watches and I noticed the classic check. While I was browsing the watches in store, I did see them but didn't try them on. The watch I have has a lighter brown strap and white dial while the classic is coffee colored. And the pattern is different. So opinions please? Should I keep what I already have or should I go back to take a look at the classic check and make an exchange? Or should I completely change to another model? :p

    I attached a pic of what I have and one of the classic check from burberry.com.

    Thanks in advance!



  2. I personally love the one you have! The face really pops in white.
  3. I like yours better! Agree with Addy that the face pops out more, but I love the strap.
  4. i like yours a lot more !:smile: def keep that one
  5. i also prefer your purchase
  6. I love the one you purchased!
  7. I like both, but I prefer the classical one, because the dial is smaller.
  8. Keep the one you bought, I prefer it
  9. i have the one you purchased on presale at Macy's. I can pick it up tomorrow and I can't wait!
  10. In the end, I was debating between the one I have and another one from the signature series. I actually decided to keep the one I bought :smile: I agree that the face pops out more. That's one of the reasons I initially chose it over the other two I was contemplating. I can tell time better on it lol

    Thanks for all the input!
  11. ^^Congrats- you made the right choice!
  12. congrats!!
  13. I like the one YOU have on in the picture better too! I think you made a FAB choice. Love it!