Opinion? Snake patterned bag **PICS**

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  1. Hi everyone! I just purchased my 1st Prada bag, and would love your opinions.
    I don't know the name of the bag, but it is deer skin with silk screen snake skin pattern. It looks quite pretty with beautiful colors. My modeling pic shows the true color of this bag. Shape is very simple, so it's easy to wear......I'm just wondering if this is something I can wear for a while... So I would just appreciate your opinion on this bag and how does Prada bag usually wear and tear? Thanks in advance!

  2. love it.... very bold and daring...:tup::heart:

    PRADA leather are very good if u take usual care ;)
  3. I love that bag and I want it!!! You need to be a little gentle with deer skin, but it should wear well.
  4. I want it too! I haven't broken the leather-exotic barrier (and I really have no plans to). I love that the print on this bag gives you the look without the snake. It's on my wishlist!
  5. Ah love the bag -:smile:, we're almost bag twins, think mine is the bauletto and yours is the tote.
  6. Congrats! I think this is a great choice!! classic shape with bold pattern!! the color goes with everything too!! I think this would last as exotic skin pattern never goes out of style!
  7. Thank you!

    Do you guys think this bag will go on sale at the end of the season like other bags?
  8. Ohh cool bag!!! ^ not sure about sales...I always get screwed anyways lol...it seems anything I buy lately is destined to go on sale!!! (of course AFTER I buy it!!)
  9. I just realized the handles started flaking... it looks like coating is coming off or something. Is your bag doing similar thing, or mine is defective? Body of the bag looks perfect, I think it's happening because of bending and moving handles....
  10. Did you get this bag at a boutique or a department store? In case I cave in... thanks!
  11. oh no.:Push:.. better bring back to boutique and see what can be done..:tup:
  12. i think i saw it at 5th ave store when i was there yesterday:P i was running to the men dept.

  13. I got it from NM!
  14. I saw your thread over at LV too...what did you end up deciding? LV or Prada??

    I :heart: Prada and I love that this bag is so unique but I'm not big into exotics so it would've been a hard decision for me too
  15. i love this print, and think it's absolutely gorgeous!!! :heart:

    but if it's flaking already, take it back. hopefully they have another one you can exchange it for! good luck!