opinion, sil vous plait :-)

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  1. cute shape but i don't think i'm loving the color scheme :sad2:......
  2. Very pretty but it looks quite small.
  3. I like how they did the shoulder strap(s) (even though it kind of looks too long for such a small bag), but I'm not sure about the colors. . .
  4. thanks for the opinions :smile:...abandonedimages definately agree with you about the length of the shoulder strap in relation to the size of the actual bag.
  5. wasnt loving the color combo
  6. I love the straps too, but the size of bag itself seems rather small. I think it's a cute bag though.
  7. Cute little summer bag. I like it!
  8. Ditto.
  9. It's very small (?). I don't like the logo, but the color is adorable :biggrin:!

  10. I second that :biggrin:
  11. Cute for summer, the triple-strap looks fun.
  12. JAP! Where've you been?? I missed you.

    The color combination reminds me of pastel wallpaper in dentists' offices from the 1980s, I gotta be honest with you, girl. You can do better!
  13. HAHA INTLSET I LOVE YOU!! Don't fret dollface, i didn't buy it...However, am still checkin out the yummy chanel bags! mmmm chanelgasmic
  14. Again thanks for the opinions...love the purse forum! ( incase no one ever "heard" me declare my love before)