opinion-should I buy or not?

  1. Ladies,
    Would you buy a bag that has a hologram sticker inside and a matching hologram card on e-bay? The seller says it is a brand new but no tag. I need your opinion so I can decide whether I should buy it now or pass it.
  2. you should post the auction in the Authenticate This thread and let Michele, Mon and the others check it out first!
    I have purchased two Chanels on eBay and have gotten great deals!
  3. If Mon and Michele say it's authentic, then definitely yes!
  4. Make sure that everything else matches up... ie background of pictures, correct little care cards, etc. a seller can easily steal someone's pics and claim it as their own. request additional pics from the seller to make sure that the purse in hand matches with the purse in auction
  5. Though the seller lists it as new, she could have used it since the tag isn't on. Ask the seller if there are any blemishes (scratches, stains, etc.) and see if she is willing to take more pics (if there aren't enough already). Also make sure it's authentic, of course. If everything is good and you love it, go for it!