Opinion/Question for Tokidoki Fans

  1. Eventually I plan on getting the Luna and Trenino bags anyway, but first I want to get a new everyday bag in the new Pirata print :heart: The problem is that I can't decide on the style of bag. I sort of like the Ciao Ciao, because it is convertible, but I am trying to decide between the Campeggio (or maybe-just-maybe the Ciao Ciao, but more than likely Campeggio for practicality's sake) and the Zucca. Here is the dilemma. I see the Campeggio as being far more functional, and I am really drawn to the fact that it (and the Ciao Ciao) are crossbody style bags. However, I LOVE the style of the Zucca, I think the best out of all the handbags. But the past few bags I have had are shoulder bags and I am growing weary of them; I haven't had a crossbody bag in ages and I would like to have one again for a change. If the Zucca came in a crossbody or even convertible style I wouldn't give it a second thought, I would get the Zucca. But my sense of aesthetic and my sense of practicality are conflicting on this issue. Help? Owners of the Campeggio or Zucca (or even Ciao Ciao) have any thoughts on these bags? What do you like best/not like about them? What would you recommend? Any help/comments are appreciated! :yes:
  2. Well if it helps any, the Zucca is a very comfortable bag to carry. I have problems with shoulder straps falling off my shoulder and that never happens with the Zucca.
  3. Hmm well I'm like you atrophia .. I love messenger bags but I also love the look of the zucca. I use my campeggio everyday and it is very practical because it holds alot and leaves my hands free when I go shopping or whereever and it's easy to get stuff in and out. I have nothing bad to say about the campeggios. I haven't had a chance to take any of my zuccas out on a test drive yet but from what I gather from the forum it's easy to get in and out of too.

    side note: i took my gioco out for a test run one weekend and omg i thought it was so hard to get in and out of. Then again, the zipper on mine doesn't open with ease so that may have contributed to my bad experience.
  4. well for an everyday bag I might go w/the zucca. I actually don't have a zucca at all, even though it is super popular w/the gals here, bc it is too big for me for every day. But I like the look. I think the campeggio is too big for everyday unless you need a bigger bag that is good for holding lots of stuff... not that you can't fit lots in the zucca, but campeggio is much thicker than the zucca, and bulkier if full... I use my inferno one all the time as a gym bag, or overnight bag.

  5. I don't have a Zucca but it seems popular around here.
  6. i love my zucca, like dreamsoftoki I constantly chase straps on my shoulders, trying to make them stay up etc, but for some reason, the zucca stays just perfectly on my shoulder and is very nice in size...
    i do want a campeggio as I really want a messenger style.

    I have a luna too, and it is great for traveling or the gym!
  7. i have both the campeggio and the zucca and in terms of using an everyday bag, i'd say get the zucca...it holds a great deal of stuff and looks great. the campeggio is huge and very functional, but i see it more as a book bag for school. and since you want the pirata print, i'd say get the zucca since it cuts off the print design less. just my personal preference...
  8. I say buy all 3 bag styles in different prints! Those are all very great bag styles to own :graucho:
  9. I don't know how this will look, but annieb mentioned putting the strap from an older ciao or cc on another bag...as long as the colors don't clash on the straps. A ciao strap on the zucca????? a zucca as an across body bag? That kinda seems interesting. lol

    Get the zucca :graucho:
  10. i'm biased cuz im more of a handbag type of girl so my vote goes to the zucca. i used to think that it was too big for my needs, but once i got my amore zucca, i fell in LOVE. like what some of the other girls say, the zucca looks great almost empty or almost full. its got lots of room and stays pretty well on my shoulder. im not a big fan of crossbody bags but the campeggio looks like a good bag to have if you have lots of stuff to carry around all the time. but like i said, my vote goes to the zucca :biggrin:
  11. For an everyday bag, I would get the zucca!
  12. Hmmm... this is a very interesting idea! Do the straps on it unsnap, or would the shoulder straps need to be left down as decoration (as I have seen on some bags that have both as an option)?
  13. left down. They are not removable. But like most duffles/bags..it's not a big deal to have a long strap and a set of small. You could always flip both of them to the inner side of how you're wearing it.