Opinion plsss Ink and Marine

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  1. Here is the story...

    I'm looking for Purse in Rouge or Eggplant...However, there seems to be Emerald and Truffle left. Then, i got news that there will be ink purse available next week. I love ink that it has purple undertone. But, the thing is i've already got marine part time. Are both color too similar? Should i go for ink or keep searching for rouge/eggplant? :wlae: Opinion plssssss:yes:

    Ohhhh one more thing...i got reply from BalNy that there is Sage Green Purse. What is sage green? Is it Sapin?:confused1:

  2. From the pictures that I have seen, some inks are more blue while others are more purple. I would ask for them to send you a picture or to visit to be sure. From the picture it might be easier to know whether that is the one you really want. Good luck either way. Can't wait to see pics!!!
  3. I love INK!!! I've got an ink twiggy and she's the best! I think its totally fine to have an INK and a MARINE... when the light hits the INK its just simply YUMMY!!!
  4. If what you want is Eggplant, then Ink would probably be the closest thing to that. Yes, Marine and Ink are similar, but Ink has these undertones that change its colors depending on the light. I say go for it!

    Re- Sage, it's what's also known as Origan/Oregano/Amande. BalNY have a different way of calling certain colors...:smile:
  5. Thksss ladies for all inputs....

    Just to make sure...Is the Origan "light olive"???

  6. I'd say marine and ink are pretty different, actually. My mom has the marine city and it is a deep, dark blue that has NO undertones. Ink is more on the purple side...Def. two different colors IMO. :shrugs: Also, I think a every bbag girl should have an ink in their wardrobe...it's just too beautiful to pass up!!! :nuts: