opinion plsss between gm/ pm manhattan

  1. recently i'm have been thinking of getting a manhattan, but ,can't decide w/ c one to get the GM or the PM??
    what is the pros and con between them

    appreciate you suggestion!

  2. i have both the PM and the GM. i don't know which i like better, but i think it really depends on what you want it for. the PM is a good day-to-evening bag, and can be dressed up or down. the GM would be a good work bag because it can hold a lot (it's really NOT as heavy as many would think), but it might be a little awkward to use as an everyday bag

  3. thank you, well i guess have to get the pm, i don't work, i'm a stay mom/ part time student. is it easy acess in and out ??
  4. I would get the PM after trying both of them on, I decided the Strap on the front of the GM is just too much hassle.
  5. Going just on appearance, I think the GM looks nicer than the PM, but I don't know about all the other factors (weight, what size is actually needed etc)
  6. I think the Manhattan GM looks much prettier than the PM but I've heard it is quite heavy since it has a lot of hardware .... so with you being a mommy I think you should go with the PM. :biggrin:
  7. Yes the PM is much more practical for you. Sophie (a PFer) is a mother and she has a PM !! It fits ALOT of her things..
  8. I like the Manhattan GM.
  9. I like the PM, to me it looks nicer than the GM.:yes:
  10. Asthetically I much prefer the GM- I think the MJ Blake is a lot more attractive than the Manhattan PM.
  11. i prefer the PM
  12. I like the look of the GM more..
  13. thats what i 've been hearing is the strap in the middle its too much hassle , and i agree on the apprearance the GM is more appealing than the PM.:girlsigh:
  14. The GM is a better looking bag IMO....and the strap is not really annoying...
  15. I like the PM better too!