Opinion please

  1. Kindly can someone tell me which color VIP liner or purseket will be better for my black GPT with red lining ????
    Thanks a lot for ur help
  2. What are the options?
  3. Black

    tnx a lot
  4. http://forum.purseblog.com/hermes/my-solution-keeping-inside-my-h-bags-clean-36920.htm

    umamanikam, guess you have read through all the recommendations of bag organisers/liners in the comprehensive thread above. I see that you are considering only the VIP liner and Purseket. There is also the Bagmate.

    I procrastinated and took a long time to decide which one to get for my bags, and took the plunge with the Bagmate, with the help of some ladies' reviews. I love the Bagmate because it's sturdy, and it's easy to lift it out with its retractable handles when I need to swop bags. Should you decide to consider the Bagmate, there's black with red lining; which would be so pretty for your GPT.
  6. I use a Purseket in all my bags and I've been happy with it. Mine is brown "ostrich" because most of my bags are brown. I'd go with black or red for your GPT. :flowers:
  7. Hi Umamanikam, I got mine off eBay and sent to the Netherlands. My son is using it as his handbag until my Birkin arrives.
  8. I would go with the black. However, I have a bagmate as well and would highly recommend it. It comes with a lilac lining option which would be lovely with the red IMO.
  9. black or red will work... or maybe, a neutral color so you can use it on some other bags as well..