opinion please...

  1. I need your opinion guys.. :smile: I want a black bag..which one is better chanel 2.55, ysl muse, or fendi spy?
  2. you don't have to post the same thing 4 times

    chanel only classic one from the ones mentioned
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  4. The chanel is the more classic. For an everyday bag, I would go with the muse. It's the cheaper of the two and more sturdy.
  5. I say Muse! I'm sick of the Spy and you can always get Chanel
  6. Spy! I love them:flowers:
  7. I deleted all your duplicates.

    We do not allow duplicates at all, especially 4 or 5 of them. Please only post your question once in the future.

    That said, go for the Chanel!
  8. Chanel, I dont care for the others.
  9. ok tnx..sorry im new here..can you teach me how to add a poll question here?
  10. All of them are nice! It depends on your preference and how you plan to use it? Chanel 2.55 is beautiful, but it doesn't hold as much as Muse & Spy; I find its jumbo size too boxy & structured. Spy's leather is incredibly soft (TDF!), but it's not the easiest bag to find things; it doesn't close up completely (can't flip the bag over) as well. Muse is great for work & daily wear, it's roomy enough to hold most daily necessities. =)
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  12. the spy!!!
  13. ok tnx...bt can i also open a thread with a poll question about this one again?
  14. spy!
  15. I totally agree with this response.