Opinion Please

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  1. Ok, since I'm back on my Coach kick I need a little help here. I've been wanting the indigo patchwork Carly for eons...but now I'm thinking it may be too small. I like large bags so I found an indigo patchwork large Ergo hobo on eBay. What do you all think? And I know, it's an old style, but if any of you own the patchwork Carly or the patchwork Ergo hobo, give me you opinion. The thing that keeps drawing me to the Carly are the flowers on the corner, but I'm thinking the large hobo is the way to go....HELP!!!
  2. I own the Carly but I also owned a large ergo. I found the large ergo to be way to big and it looked weird on me. I love the Carly. You wouldn't think it would hold alot but it does. And it is just gorgeous. So I think you should go with the Carly.
  3. I'm kinda of leaning Carly...I just love those flowers..I know, silly but...the two I am looking at both are essentially the same price, so...I'm just worried since I tend to carry around a load of junk in my purses. And that Ergo hobo is like 18 X 11...which is HUGE!
  4. The ergo was just to big on me, but I am pretty small 5'5'', 110 lbs. It just looked wierd on me. I think it all depends upon how it will look on you and if you need the extra space go for it
  5. That is the detail I love about the Carly too! I love those little flowers. I am planning to add a denim patchwork charm to it soon. If you think it will be too small though then I would go for the ergo but the ergo was too big for me. I carried a wallet, a paperback book, a planner, my ipod, cellphone and a wristlet and the Carly is perfect for all that but the ergo was huge even with all that stuff in it.
  6. Yea, I think I'm going to go for the Carly. That Ergo large hobo is just one big mama and I think I'd regret not getting the Carly.
  7. Good choice and if you don't like it you can always resell it and get the ergo. But I know you will love it!
  8. Carly, Ergo - Ergo, Carly, tough choice to make. They're both excellent silhouettes!
  9. You seem to be leaning towards the carly, but I love the large ergo.. I have 3!! They are big but they slouch nicely.