Opinion please?

  1. I am thinking to get the Monogram Porte-Document Voyage from the Fall/Winter '08 collection... but I have just realised that it (probably) costs around US$1800 or around 1300 Euro (based on the F/W thread).

    But then, I think for a Monogram piece that's pretty expensive. Or is it not just a normal monogram??

    The Cabas Innsbruck from F/W 06 cost 1600 Euro and that's made out of suede and leather.

    With only 300 euro difference, I thought that's not much considering the material. What's your guys thought on this?
  2. I have no idea, but I would choose based upon your personal instinct and which one your want more.

  3. I would get the Cabas Innsbruck.
  4. ^^ITA, I like that bag as well.
  5. ^^ I agree:heart:
  6. get the Innsbruck it's MUCH nicer, I want one as well but infortunately it's no longer available here in Canada so I'm just waiting for my New York vacation to get one! It's a GORGEOUS bag in real life!
  7. I would take the Cabas Innsbruck and not just because of the price either.
  8. ^^ I agree...but its what works for your needs rather than the price in the long run. The material is a matter of your liking, I for one prefer canvas to leather for stretching and scratching issues...

    So although the canvas might be a cheaper material vs. the leather...canvas works for me and is a better investment...
  9. thanks all.

    i personally have no problem with suede, and taking care of it.

    plus i also think the cabas looks much better, and more sophisticated. wait.. did i spell that word right? lol