Opinion Please!

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  1. I am starting a new thread since no one seems attracted to the name Tosca Blu but I really want opinions, if you all don't mind. Here it is and what do you think?
  2. i like it, i've been eyballing some slouchy NICE leather bags by Lucky Brand lately, so i can appreciate the style, the handle i'm not TOO fond of, if it were different chain i'd like it better but all in all, i like the bag it's cute!
  3. It looks very classic. Nice neutral color.
  4. do you own the bag or are you planning a purchase orrr???
  5. I really like it!
  6. Hmmmm, looks alright. Wouldn't be a bag for me though, I don't like the color of the leather...
  7. I like it except for the chain things on the handle. It has a nice oversized, slouchy look.
  8. I'm not loving the leather texture. The shape is ok.
  9. Honestly, I think you can do better if you like the Biker Chic look...but then again I love bags that really pop!
  10. I bought it alright....that's all I seem to do lately: buy and return, buy and return - it's turning into a full time job!! It is not oversized (which is not bad because I am short), the color is more bland than the color I am longing for which is butterscotchy luggage, chain or not it stays on my shoulder and the leather feels soft. And, at DSW (does anyone shop there?) it was $129.00. Should I keep it or take it back??? I feel as if I keep it, I can still look for my "perfect love" but then again, why not put the $129.00 towards my "perfect love" when I find it???? Obsession is exhausting!!!!!HELP!!!!!
  11. Just ordered Anna Corinna Mini City Tote in butterscotch and the Tosca Blu is GOING BACK!!!!Thanks for all your input!
  12. I love the look of the Mini City. Much better choice than the Tosca!
  13. I like it! Its very pretty.
  14. Love the shape, but not feeling the color.
  15. I prefer more colorful bags...
    I never owned a Tosca Blu, but saw some really nice ones on YOOX :yes: