Opinion please, stat

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  1. GGA scored big time Tess....I had that WTM in my cart...but man she was FAST!!
    I think that was the steal of the sale!!
  2. Well, I'm "green" with envy!!!! But delighted to the max for Gga!!!
  3. Oh maaaaan! I'm so sorry, Ms. L! The shopping cart thing is such an odd construct. If we were both at a sale IRL, there's no way at all I'd yank that bag out of your hands.

    ETA: And not as green as I still am over your cappuccino score last year, Contessa baby.
  4. Gga......I try not to talk about the Cappuccino too much around these parts as it's just too amazing for words.

    I'll shut up now.
  5. Oohhh... apple green. Can't wait to see that in the WTM