Opinion please, stat

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  1. Okay, I hit the sale this morning and scored an apple green WTM and a pewter TME midi.

    So this is the question: Do I need a choc crash Hug Me (already have 3 HMs) or should I nab a choc crash TME reg size?
  2. Oh wow, I can't wait to see the photos of the apple green WTM!
  3. Take the TME if you already have all those Hug Mes.
  4. :wtf: Get the choc crash TME babay!! ;) Ooh, what about the MMS......have you got one of them yet?
  5. get the choc crash TME GGA. it's flipping gorgeous. my friend's choc crash WTM is stunning and it goes with anything!
  6. Oh, gga I am happy you scored the apple green WTM! Go for the TME!
  7. okay then. Choc crash TME it is! Done and done.

    Thank you all!
  8. great choice!! tmeeeeee!
  9. Oooof just landed here....after the fait accomplis..but gga...I just received my TME in choco crash gold HW...I love it ....absolutely love it..it is TDF.

    I'm new to BE, btw..and everything you've posted (and your generousity as well) has been a tremendous help in my BE learning curve.

    BTW...since you are the fortunate one who scored the apple green delicious..there has been a bit of goodnatured bantering on the sale thread about which lovely Belinista it was. LOL
  10. We're BE twinkies then, GB, because I got the TME choco crash with gold HW too.

    I didn't see that thread. I am indeed the guilty party. I have a thing for that color.
  11. I am taking care of my Mom who doesn't have a computer or a hotspot for the laptop I borrowed from DD so I can only post when I am in my car..which why it took me so long to answer you. I apologize. I'm off to go food shopping for her so I can take a few more minutes.:smile:

    :yahoo: BE twinkies...gga.ever since I began wandering into this BE forum you were someone I wanted to say hello to..in part because of the wonderful and gracious gesture you made a while ago which some of my new BE friends were kind enough to enlighten me about when I nearly opened up a can of worms (which shall please stay firmly closed or suzi will flog me LOL). I really enjoy being part of the BE forum too.

    I am gingerly dipping my toe in the BE waters because I can only be very selective about what I buy but I fell hard after my Pink Tuesday purchase. I can't use the TME yet because Jackie warned me to keep it dry and the weather here is horrid. So I can only keep taking it out of the sleeper and gaze at it.

    Sigh...I love the apple glossy leather (someone posted a picture of it somewhere) and will be stalking it obsessively..(Ms. Lizardo knows how obsessive I become about things at times) but the WTM style for some reason is the only one that I can resist for now.

    The thread is the one about the sale code which morphed into a chat about the sale itself...if you chose to "out" yourself. I opted not to "out" you...I will not deprive you of the lovefest that will ensue once you do so.

  12. Get the TME - my TME is currently my favorite bag and the Choco color is divine!
  13. I would have said TME but it looks like the deal is done. Congrats! I really want to see the apple green WTM. I bet it's incredible!
  14. gga, you're lucky I am far away in India with bad internet connections -- I was going for that apple green WTM myself!!! I guess you "saved" me!! congrats on that bag -- it's going to be gorgeous!:drool::drool:
  15. Oh my......apple green WTM.........SO glad I was working.......or am I.......


    I need a "smacks forehead" smiley.......and a tequila shooter one ;)