Opinion Please re: Scarves

  1. I have a 2006 spring patchwork scarf (for later this year) and while I would love to buy a ponytail scarf, now is NOT the time (see below re: ban, and also just got new mini skinny and new patchwork wristlet, both post-ban), and nothing is really...grabbing me.

    So, am I going to look like a total idjit if I put a non-Coach scarf on my bag? I have one that I reallllly like, and it keeps tempting me. Hmmmm.

    Just curious! Thanks in advance!!!
  2. P.S. - I want the ocelot ponytail scarf. Badly. I might be able to get it in a few weeks. Now is NOT the time. Sigh.
    P.P.S. - Bag in question is chocolate sig ergo tote. Potential scarf is geometric print with camel (matches coat), chocolate, and black.

    Thanks again!!!
  3. I don't think it would bad for you to put a non Coach scarf on your Ergo tote! As long as you carry your tote with confident, no one can say otherwise! I say go for it, have fun!!! :woohoo:
  4. I definitely think it would be fine especially if it matches or coordinates. Some Coach scarves you can't even tell they are coach anyway. I say go for it and post pics please !
  5. Thank you so much! That was just what I needed! I'll get it out tomorrow and practice the bow - I'll post pics when I get it done. Thanks again!!!!
  6. You are welcome! :tup:
  7. I wanted a scarf for my bag... The plum belted ergo.... but I'm banned too, so i tied on just a cheap-o leopard scarf to see what it looked like.. and i loved it.. it was cute!
  8. Sadly, it didn't work out - the scarf I was working with was just tooooo long - by the time I tied it (ended up doing a half windsor knot!) it just looked bad. Sooooo, I will either be waiting until I can use my spring patchwork, or maybe I'll get me a little somethin-somethin after my tax return comes back. Thank you ladies VERY much for your support! Now I'm not worried about doing it in the future!