Opinion Please on New Bag Purchase!!

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  1. From those 3....I'd definitely get the Manhattan PM.

    Why? I've always loved this bag...I like handheld bags better. Also it's very cute, and classic at the same time. Can be dressed up or down. Just a great LV to have. (Unfortunately I don't have one...yet..LOL!!) Too obsessed w/ speedies! heehe!:yes:

    Good Luck in your decision!;)
  2. i don't have any of these bags but my friend has the viva cite gm and it looks really good. i guess it all depends on personal taste. but my vote goes to the viva cite gm. it's a good-sized shoulder bag- quite structured. i have enough hand helds from lv so i am actually more inclined to buying shoulder bags now. anyway, hope you decide which bag is perfect for your needs. good luck!
  3. The Manhattan PM, soo cute and stylish looking.I just love the look of it.:yes:
  4. I love the Manhattan PM - can't afford it, but love it!
  5. Manhattan PM for sure!
  6. Welcome to tPF~
    Mahattan PM, classic design, great match for both professional and casual outfit :smile:
  7. Manhattan pm for sure! that is what I want for bag #3!
  8. Manhattan PM...its such a gorgeous bag that I've been drooling over since it came out!
  9. I prefer the Vive Cite. My mom has that one and I've borrowed it a few times..it's a great shoulder bag and I love the outside pockets. Plus, the shoulder strap is thick and adjustable which is really nice, as it's rare to find a bag that has one strap as opposed to two.
    The Manhattan never really did it for me..it's pretty but I love the functionality of the Vive Cite so much more.
  10. Thank you everyone! It's so very helpful to hear your opinion :smile:
    Please keep the opinions coming!!
  11. 1st choice: manhattan pm
    2nd choice:hudson gm
  12. I like the manhattan PM, to small for me, but nice bag!
  13. Same here!! its a really cute bag...:yes:
  14. my vote is for the Viva Cite GM, love the outside pockets easy to get into, nice size- can't go wrong with any of them though.