Opinion please...looks from others

  1. I need some opinions from you lovely ladies.

    Do you ever feel like you're getting the raised eyebrows from people you work with because of the bags, shoes, etc. you have bought?

    I am fortunately luck enough to purchase Chanel items but feel ashamed to carry them. I adore my co-workers, my friends but I feel like they judge me on how much I spend.

    I am a label snob, but that only pertains to me. I don't judge you if you wear payless or Chanel head to toe, but I don't want to be judged because of what I wear.

    Do any of you feel like that sometimes?:sad:
  2. I know what you mean. I have some friends who always seem to be checking out what new "things" I have. Bag, clothes, jewelry, etc. It can be very annoying :nuts:. Especially when something is said in a derogitory way. I enjoy what I buy. If someone says something sarcastically to me, it is usually because they are jealous. I just let it go, not worth getting upset about. :rolleyes:. There was one instance at work when someone asked me if one of my handbags was "real". I just looked at her and said, "Do I look like someone who would wear anything fake"? :rolleyes: That was the last time that question was ever asked. (lol)
    Wear what u love and do not let friends or coworkers keep u from enjoying it.
  3. Yesterday, I bought a Dolce and Gabbana Miss Loop purse for a fabulous deal... regular price $1850.00, on sale for $739.00!! When I showed my co-workers, they just about had a heart attack... no lie... they could not understand how anyone could spend over $100 on a purse... yikes.

    Good thing they didn't know about the prices of the other purses in my collection....

    Best to keep under the radar when it comes to having expensive items.
  4. It's hard to say we don't judge based on the book's cover but I just think that's human nature. But I agree it can be annoying because I've been a victim of it as well as the perp.

    I had lunch w/ my friend the other day and she saw a new Prada I bought, then she had the nerve to ask if it was real. When I told her I WOULD NOT buy fakes, she said..."I don't even want to know how much that bag costs. I swear you are soo...." and then she just stopped. I wanted to b&*#@ slap her!!

    I digress. As far as co-workers go, some flashier bags, I don't carry around them when I have meetings etc. but it's easy for me not to see them since I work from home! :yes:
  5. Yeah I get it too. When Im out with my gf's and they see a new bag they go "okkay, how much was it?" then I tell them and they go,"omg, I cant justfiy spending that much." Then I have to go into the whole story of " I like to spend my money on bags, like you like to spend your money on going out getting drunk!" (I dont drink) It sounds mean what I just said, but my gf's are lovers of wine and vodka! And it continues with, "oh I can pay a lot for shoes but not for bags!" And that doesnt bother me, cause I dont ask them how much their shoes cost. It annoys me that they ask me then ridicule it.

    Its an ongoing battle with friends.
  6. They are all jealous, ignore them!
    I get it all the time, because I'm Asian they assume I am low class and carrying fakes GRRRRRRRR
  7. I get the same response from co-workers. I don't usually carry any of my high end bags to work because people constantly ask how much they cost. It's somewhat offensive when they ask if they are real too. My friends are mostly used to me so they don't say much...
  8. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha lmfao !!!!!bi@@@ slap ha ha ha

  9. Obviously those who ask the cost of an item were not appropriately taught the manners of a polite society. It is never okay to ask someone how much they pay for ANYTHING!! Their house, their dog, their sofa, anything.

    What people do for a living and how they choose to spend their loot is private. That being said, it is sometimes best for those of us who love quality, beautiful handbags, shoes, clothing, jewelry, etc. to maybe be a little low key about it but not in denial to those enquiring malcontents. That is the wonderful thing about this forum we can be ourselves.

    My DH has a love for fine leather goods and it gives him great joy to buy me a Chanel or something else that I am lusting after. If our friends think we're crazy then so be it.

    Life is short, enjoy your stuff.
  10. this is the story of my life EVERYDAY
    can we say HATERS.
    I know how you feel, but you know what I just keep buying, wearing and rocking what I want..
    enjoy all your stuff
  11. I had the same thing happen to me at a party with my bf and his buddies. My bf kind of threw me to the wolves and brought up the fact that I'd spent $1600 on a Fendi Spy Bag (brand new with tags no less, thank you very much, that was actually a good deal!). And they all looked at me like I'd grown another head. They started saying how they could never justify spending that much money on something and blahblah. I didn't point out, but I should have, that their collective gun collections (real and airsoft) ranked in the tens of thousands of dollars.

    Moral of this story? EVERYONE has something they spend their money on. While it may not be purses for them, maybe it's clothes, or jewelry, or books, or electronics, or whatever.
  12. ^^ZACTLY!! My DH and I literally just had this convo 20 min's ago. My DH was showing his friend his new $5K bike..not motor, but bicycle.

    I just shrug it off and think he likes mountain bikes and I like bags. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.

    Who cares who gives you looks. Just know you like your bags and rock them!
  13. to add to this thread - i once lied to a friend that my bag is fake to avoid her saying "omg, you got another one!". Since I'm in my twenties (she's in her early 30s) she said "that's ok! it's a different story if you're much much older and you can afford it!" i :heart: my friend though. she is a bag lover also. :p she's the one who i used to gawk at the prices she'd pay for clothes and bags. now i'm just used to it :biggrin:
  14. Luckily, some friends I know are worse than me, but my family and DH's family think bags are a dead investment and think I'm wasting my money if I have more than 2 designer bags in my wardrobe. Maybe their right, but everyone has a weakness for something fabulous be it shoes, watches, cars, diamonds, couture.....for me it has always been about the bags. I have learned to ignore their scathing remarks or funny looks, my motto is you only live life once and if you want to be fabulous in whatever way you choose so be it.
  15. Thank you all for your stories and knowing that I'm not the only one feeling this way is a relief. :smile:

    I will keep up my collection without guilt but keep it low key. It's for my pleasure and not anyone else's.

    Thanks for your support. :heart: