Opinion please:: Jumbo Classic Flap XL

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  1. I am stuck in a decision:confused1:

    I want something bigger than my Jumbo Classic guilted flap but not as big as a GST. Yet not as small as the PST. Do you think the Jumbo Flap XL is big enough and sturdy enough to act in the tote capacity? I really love the classic Chanel quilted look.

    My needs for this bag would be to carry : my misc. girl stuff, maybe a bottle of water, checkbook, accessories, cellphone, few papers, keys, lotion . sunglasses etc. No laptop or PDA. I know it does not sound like a lot but, by the time I fill up my Jumbo....it is really full:wtf: I end up emptying out a bunch of stuff as not to stretch it out of shape. Don't get me wrong....I love the look of the Jumbo for balance with my height and frame. I am wondering if the Jumbo XL will really give me the little bit of extra room that I need . I am 5'5" and mediumish ( I know not a word right:lol:) build. I see it featured in pictures with stars and it looks great but, then I wonder if it is just a big square box IRL.

    For those of you with the Jumbo Flap XL......what do you think? Is there much difference in size between that and the Jumbo Flap?
    I wish I did not have to carry so much...but, no matter how I try....my purse just ends up full. I guess my problem is that I always go places prepared to be stranded on a desert island:lol:

    Thanks in advance for your opinions:yes:
  2. Do you mean a vintage xlarge flap?
  3. Yes the vintage Jumbo flap XL.....I am so sorry that I wasn't clear:blush:
  4. well, I dont own any vintage xlarge flaps, but here's a bump -perhaps other ladies will be able to chime in. G/L:smile:
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  6. How much larger is the vintage jumbo flap than the jumbo classic?
  7. The vintage XL Jumbo is 13.5 inches wide, 4 inches deep (at its thickest point), and 9.5 inches tall.

    The regular jumbo (not the one with the 2.55 locks) is 12 inches wide, 3 inches deep (at its thickest point) and*8 inches tall.

    Can you even get an XL jumbo new anymore?
  8. No more xlarge:nogood:, chanel stop producing them a few years ago.
  9. I got an XL Jumbo from ebay recently and love it. I also have a regular jumbo and the XL can carries much more stuff.
  10. Just got it from ebay couple days ago.. still on its way..but Im sure I'll love it to death...plus its big and fits a ton..love it love it

  11. That's pretty much were I am now. I bought a gorgeous regular Jumbo (vintage) but looks brand new:yes:. I am very impressed with it which is why I was looking to the same bag but, in the XL version. I was hoping it would be worth giving it a try as I love the classic look so much:heart: So it helps to know that few inches makes a difference. I was trying to find picture comparisons. I will try looking in the threads of TPFers modeling thier bags. Maybe that will help me too. Thanks all!
  12. I bought the vintage XL, it does fit a bit of stuff but it's extremely heavy to begin with. I just sold it because it was just too big for my taste (even though its size was one of the reasons I thought I wanted it). I've tried on the new jumbo flap in stores and it seems that the vintage XL would carry more things, but maybe you want to wait for someone who has both bags to help you. Good luck :smile:

  13. Did you get the Jumbo or the Jumbo XL? What color?

    I also see that you have the beige Jumbo on your wish list.....I am eagerly awaiting one I got from ebay yesterday....well...I think it is more camel than beige......but, I think I will love it:yahoo:

  14. Thank you.....you are right about weight concerns for sure. The problem is that when you are already carrying things that weigh alot it is almost impossible to expect the bag to be light. The key becomes the strap and the weight distribution. Yes I know these are chains and not strap:yes: and I will not carry my usual heavy load with these bags. I am aware that these are not your everyday heavy duty tote bags and in no way expect it. I would probably look to the GST for something more heavy duty but, the bag itself looks quite heavy. I just don't have a Chanel store close to me to try things on:sad: So I learn so much here from you wonderful people:love:
  15. FYI: the GST is not that heavy BUT bulky IMO, but it does fit alot and it is more durable because of the caviar leather, check the reference library to give you an idea, there's tons of pictures there:yes: