Opinion please: I am obsessing about the Onatah GM in aubergine........


Should I buy the Onatah GM in aubergine?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. I have bought so many bags lately... The Neverfull, Trunks & Logo Accessories pochette, Miroir Lockit, YSL Downtown, etc. etc. but i am obsessing about the Onatah in aubergine. What do you guys think? Should I buy or not?
    Not forgetting that I want to buy some more LV luggage, the EOLE is calling & I have to have the black denim neo cabby LOL OMG I need to win the lotto!
    Please help me decide. Don't forget the winter bags are coming also :sad:
  2. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES :yahoo::yahoo: THE BEST bag EVER!!!
  3. I don't own it but I think it's a really nice bag! I say go for it! :yes:
  4. it's a hot bag but what do you have in mind for fall
  5. Get it, hurry, run...
  6. YES! it's one of my most favorite bags! the leather on mine is SOOOOO soft! and the colour is amazing :drool:
  7. You definitely should get it, the color is so beautiful and the leather is sooo buttery soft!
  8. get it, its big, and its useful, and GORGEOUS! maybe you can go on a ban after if you feel bad about spending so much..
  9. If you ask us here, the answer will definitely yes!

    BTW, I have one..and I really love it. It's super practical for everyday use. :tup: If you have chance to get one, ...definitely get it!!!
  10. I thought the best bag ever was your orange kelly! :p Anyways, is it annoying to find things because its not very structured?
  11. YES! I have one and it is by far my most favorite of all in my LV family! You will not regret it!
  12. Yes, you should definitely get it! One of the best colours to come out in the Onatah :yes:
  13. I was obsessed with this bag for a while too but when I tried it on...it didn't suit me at all and it seemed too large for me (I am 5ft 10inch)...I then tried on the onatah pochette and found it did not sit right either ..... I think the leather is stunning and wish they made a variety of bags in this leather:heart:
  14. <-------do it before price increase!
  15. Yes! quick!