Opinion please...City or Work

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  1. I have a twiggy currently and have always wanted another bbag but other bags always got the priority over it.

    now that i know the grape color is coming i really want to get my hand on one. but not sure whether to go for city or work

    what does everyone here think?? which one is better to use.

    by the way does the work comes with the long strap????

  2. The work does not have a strap. I'd say get a work...it's capacity is larger than your twiggy and the city. More diversity to your collection.
  3. I think it depends on how much stuff you lug around everyday and what purpose you want to use it for.
    If you have a lot of stuff to carry around, I recommend the Work. If not, I think the City would be the perfect option. The City is a little bigger than the Twiggy, if you're wondering about its size.

    the City and the Work are my two fav' styles.

    I use Work for work/shopping and use City for everything else. Work fits a lot more than the City, but doesn't look that much bigger especially when it's broken in and when it slouches. It doesn't come with a shoulder strap, but the handles do stretch, and I can wear mine easily over the shoulder even with a coat on.(I'm 5'3", 98lbs)

    Just to give you an idea of how much Work is bigger than City, here is a comparison shot of my 07 Cafe Work and 07 Sienna City:heart:

  4. I love both !!!
    But maybe the Work would be a more different style to add to your collection !
  5. I suffer from the same dilemma. I have many CITIES and a TWIGGY already, but don't have anything in black color. I think about Nicole Richie's black city and I really want one too. But After owning several cities, I wonder if I should get the black work instead.

    Both are great styles in my opinion. I'm 5'5 so work shouldn't be big on me, but I guess I'm just not too comfortable with such a big bag. City is sort of my limit in terms of size. Ahhh...still confused.

    In the meantime, I'm waiting for the RH magenta LE to arrive.

  6. 100% agree with fromparis :yes::tup: !
  7. You may also want to consider the part time (my personal favorite). It is a little larger from east to west than the city and does have a shoulder strap which is a huge plus to me!! Good luck on your search!! :search:
  8. ITA!!! the PT is my fav too! it's a great in between of the city and work! I think if you get a city or work... you'll end up getting the other later anyway :graucho:... coz Bbags are just sooo addictive... but if you really must get a city or work... I'd go with city first to see how you like the size... if you dont carry too much with you then city is perfect...

    hehehe... I'm no help really... :p
  9. thanks all and tooshie thanks for the pic.

    i never thought of the part time. i definitely want a big bag. i want one with strap too so maybe part-time is my answer. is PT size inbetween city and work???

    i sometimes carry alots but sometimes i dun, but i do like bigger bags.

    now all i have to do is wait for the grape to arrive. i hope the leather will be nice too as i heard from here that leathers are differenent from season to season.
  10. I prefer the work...it fits more stuff and I can fit the straps over my shoulder more comfortably than the city's straps.