Opinion please: Caviar or lambskin Timeless black Clutch

  1. Which would be more practical (would NOT be used for black-tie events). TIA
  2. caviar is much more practical in the sense that it is durable and more resistant to scratches.
  3. ^^^ exactly what i was going to say! ITA

    i always shy away from the lambskin chanels when i know its a bag that i will be wearing more casually or more often, the caviar is much easier to take care of... good luck!
  4. ^^Caviar for sure. Easier to care for.
  5. Ditto to the above . . . love lambskin, it is my favorite, but have only gotten it for the once-in-a-while bags, I think my wish list now is a caviar jumbo flap because it is both gorgeous and fairly low maintenance :smile:
  6. Thank you ladies. I think I should have worded my question a bit differently: Instead of the word practical, substitute "would look the best with suits, dinner out, weddings", lol.

    I would not be using this bag often (like my other ones). I just wonder if the "sheen" of the caviar makes it less conservative. Which would you carry into a courtroom: caviar or lambskin?

    I am putting WAY to much thought into this! :smile:
  7. ^^^ my vote is still for caviar! it is very versatile despite the lack of "sheen" (it's still got a gorgeous shine of its own, my flap in my av is caviar)

    and... to answe your question, i would probably bring the caviar to the courtroom :smile:

    i think the verstatility is what wins me over on the caviar -only when you're relatively close will you be able to see the difference... and keep in mind this is a clutch! so you will either have the bag in your hands OR smushed under your shoulder/arm-pit, so i would DEF go for the caviar for its sheer durability/low maintenence (and from experience, i've noticed lambskin gets a little "crinkly" w/ use over time if it is "smushed" in a certain way)

    p.s. don't worry, we ALL think too much about bags on here... lol
  8. The caviar is practical AND versatile - gets my vote for sure!! :yes:
  9. The lambskin is to die for, but I'd pick caviar for a clutch. Think about how many times you'll scratch it with your fingernails, since it's handheld.
  10. The leather finish is different on these 2 clutches: the first is patent leather which is shiny/ almost reflects. The 2nd clutch is the regular lambskin which has a smooth sheen but isn't glossy like patent leather is. Hope this helps.
  11. Caviar would be more practical :smile:
  12. I love my caviar clutch! Its more casual and I am not scared to use it.
  13. I vote for caviar all the way around. Looks great with suits, formal wear, jeans!
  14. I think caviar...since u always hold the clutch on your hands..caviar might be easy to take care of compare to lambskin.