opinion please --bottega or balenciaga wallet

  1. which are practical from them as well as looks???TIA
  2. I prefer BV, personally. :yes:

    For use inside a bag, the ones without any hardware are the most practical, IMO.

    This saves weight and also avoids the problems of the hardware getting scratched, or damaging other items in the bag. :biggrin:
  3. As far as looks? Bottega, baby!

    I don't know how practical BV wallets are though, even though I love the Suede Continental wallet. I'm way too hard on my wallets and Bottegas are so soft and delicate IMO. I have a Louis V. Epi in black that wears like a suit of armor!
  4. Thats a gorgeous wallet Marly.. i see u became BV addict :smile:
  5. BV holds up well. I have a tri-fold woven black wallet and it gets used all the time. No scratches, tearing, etc. at all. There are lots of little pockets for cards and stuff. I've never seen a Balenciaga wallet so I can't compare.
  6. Bv!
  7. another vote for bottega...

    Same reasoning - you want to minimize the amount of hardware on the wallet.
  8. can u pleeease post a picture of ur wallet
    thanks a lot boxermom:yes:
  9. I'm leaving in a few minutes and will be gone till late. I'll be back on tomorrow and will try to remember how to post pictures (my son showed me over Thanksgiving). So wish me luck tomorrow!
  10. Gorgeous wallet! I'm undecided but leaning towards bv.
  11. I would choose BV over Balenciaga.
  12. Bottega!!!
  13. Oh, Yesssss, pinkish, you've created a monster!!!:devil:
  14. Another vote for BV. I love balenciaga bags but for a wallet, I'd go for BV.
  15. Here are pics of my BV wallet. Learning how to re-size; 2 more pics in the next post.
    BVintcoin.JPG insidewallet1.JPG