Opinion please! Alma BB or Clery?

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  1. Both are so pretty! Which would you get? D91D22A5-395B-4A27-B509-7D6184AB45ED.png 577549BC-15C6-4965-8833-AF029668F80C.png
  2. Alma all the way!
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  3. Alma BB!
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  4. Alma bb for sure!!!
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    I love them both! The Clery is very comfortable on, never would’ve considered it until he brought it out to try. (The Alma BB in DE is on my Christmas list, and I’m pretty sure I’m getting it. Is this a duplicate?)
  6. A friend has the Clery - it looks elegant and compact. The bag reminds me of a clutch.

    I have the Alma bb and like it’s versatility with detachable strap. It’s a classic shape.

    I like both in Epi. do you have anything like either?
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  7. It really is a pretty bag! I have the Pallas Clutch is mono/noir (which is really a small crossbody) and Sienna PM in DE. I also say this one on line..?

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  8. Personally, I’m not a fan of the blue denim epi. I like buying timeless pieces. I have not reached the point to buy splash bags.
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  9. I very much agree with you on that. The Alma bb in DE was the first LV to catch my eye years ago. I’m pretty sure I’m getting that as a Christmas gift. So that complicates my decision a bit. They’re both gorgeous
  10. Alma BB!
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  11. Alma - more versatile, will hold more
  12. Alma bb holds more. That gets my vote. But strap looks too long on you. I had same issue with the bb.
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  14. My first instinct was Alma BB, but after reading what you said I'd go with the Clery if you are already getting Alma BB in DE (unless you really love the Alma BB so much it's a bag you want multiples of).
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  15. I wish it were adjustable, like the strap on Clery. I’m 5’2 and prefer should carry over crossbody, which does cause some strap issues. But... still love it also
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