Opinion on which pochette accessories

  1. I really like the Damier azur, but the mono is more classic. Which one should I get? Thanks guys
  2. Well, they were the first 2 LV bags I bought. I was buying the mono and I asked if they had the azur (it had just come out) and they had one left out the back so I looked at them both and I couldn't decide so I bought both. That was last December (summer time, here in Australia) and to be honest I have used the Azur a lot more.
  3. i'm in the midst of deciding which pochette accessories to get as well.... am also deciding between the azur and the mono. i really like the damier ebene one but i'm ruling it out only because i'm gonna get a damier ebene speedy 25 already.

    right now i'm leaning towards the mono. it seems more classic and versatile and can take you from day to evening. the azur pochette seems more like a day bag to me.
  4. The Damier Azur, if I were you. I don't own it, but I love the color!:smile:
  5. Definately the monogram. It's a classic whereby you can adjust the chain as a wristlet for casual day or change to sling as a dainty evening purse.
  6. i have the azur and i like it alot more than my mono one for some reason, so my vote is azur!
  7. the mono goes with everything! my vote is for mono!
  8. I would go with azur.
  9. Mono here. Love it!!
  10. I have both, but the Mono goes with everything. I haven't even begun to use my Azur and I bought it few months ago.
  11. Mono!
  12. I have the mono and I love it, but I'm gonna get the azur too! I have the azur speedy 25, and it goes really well w/ a light-colored top.

    you should get both....;)
  13. i have the azur and love it. i would say it depends on what pieces ya already have in your collection (:
  14. If you could get both, I would. On the other hand...the Riveting is triple the price of the mono, but soooo gorgeous! And it's probably a LE. So many choices!
  15. I got my Mono 7 years ago and still loving it. It's a classic and you can't go wrong with the Mono.