Opinion on which Kooba to go with.....

  1. i think it depends what you will use the bag for. the ginger looks more like a trendy casual bag but the natasha looks like it can be used for both for the office and fun!
  2. I prefer the Ginger for the shape and the leather. Also, it just fits my style more than the Natasha. I'm not a patent leather type of gal...although it looks to be a great bag.
  3. I like the ginger. but before u purchase make sure u check for coupons. that bag is on a lot of sites on sale and some have coupons !
  4. i've owned 4 kooba bags and love them all...i decided to go with the natasha after i saw it irl...it's not your "mom's patent leather"...it's amazing and crinkly and soft and gorgeous! the hardware is amazing...LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!
    hope this helps!
  5. I like the Natasha. I don't really like the straps on the Ginger...I don't know why.
  6. at a glance, i like the ginger.
  7. Love Kooba, if you go the Ginger route, keep in mind it's not a new style and I too have seen it in many places on sale/marked down. That may help in your decision process should you go for that one.
    Either way, you'll be thrilled, Kooba is awesome!!
  8. I would pick the Natasha. I never liked the braids on the Kooba Ginger for some reason. Too trendy maybe?
  9. id say the ginger it looks more stylish IMO, i love the shape and the braided strands and handels, the over all shape seems more appealing! Good luck on your choice! their both beautiful!
  10. I'm a bit more fond of the Ginger.

    Keep in mind that the Natasha is considerably larger, by 5 inches in both height and width. I guess it depends what you'll use it for.

    The Ginger seems to be more of an "everyday" bag. Let us know what you decide!
  11. I LOVE the Natasha patent!
  12. Okay - I've finally decided and just purchased the Kooba Natasha!!! SO excited to get it..... I went with this one b/c you can dress it up or down with outfits... I will post a picture once I get it :smile:
  13. Can't wait to see pics - I love them both - I love Kooba period! LOL!