Opinion on Violet Work SGH, Please!!

  1. Hi, Balenciaga girls!

    After I promised myself and my DH not to buy any other bags until I get another Birkin...... I fell in love with Violet Work SGH. Leather is so yummy, and Violet X SGH combo is just gorgeous and unique. So my ultimate question is "should I keep this bag?" My Birkin is due in 1-2 months....and I know I should keep the promise, but I'll cry if Violet Work SGH sell out before I get my Birkin. Do you think it'll be hard to find Violet Work soon?? My SA said it will, and Violet is one of the most beautiful color Balenciaga came out this season.....

    Now what to do????:confused1:
  2. hmmm... from what I know of BalNY is out of stock... I think violet is a fast seller esp the SGH combo! its definitely a keeper! its very versatile too... well, at least for me! definitely TDF (so is a Birkin!) and if you can afford to keep it by all means DO! dont worry we all break promises once in a while! as long as this really is your last bag for a little while! :p
  3. ^Thanks!! Do you have Violet bag, too? Are you enjoying it??
  4. wintotty, I agree with ali - I would keep it, too. Violet is a popular color this season, and I think it will be very hard to come by in another month or so. I have a violet city, and it's one of my favorites! :heart: The color is just gorgeous, and it's not too hard to match as my wardrobe consists of mostly neutral colors.
    Please post pics of your SGH work. We would love to see it!! :yes: (If I hadn't already gotten the city, I would've gone with this combo, too!)

    Congrats on your upcoming birkin!! :tup:
  5. If I can be honest with you, keep the bag. That combo is gorgeous and I know this color will hard to find in next few months. I have mine in Violet City RH and I just know the moment I look at the bag how much I love it.
  6. Ummmm... buy the violet... things like this don't pop up that often that are THIS amazing. I have the violet sgh brief and I love it. Is there anything in your closet that you could sell to justify the purchase? IMHO, you can be on a wait list for a birkin any time, but this is a rare find.
  7. sorry just saw your post! yes I do have the Violet SGH Work size... but I dont have it yet.... my BF bought it for me from overseas... and hes bringing it back here in two weeks... I cant wait!
  8. I'd say.. get the Violet SGH Work bag.. I too have the SGH Violet Brief & the leather & colour of this seasons' bag is truly spectacular. I've not been wanting the GH until I saw it in silver with the violet but that changed my mind. A Great year for Balenciaga!
  9. Yeah, I was interested in Marigold and Violet color early in the season. I tried not to think about them because of the promise...but my SA had Violet SGH in stock when I visited her, and it just blew me away.

    I'll try to post pics but it's super hard to capture the color. It always turns out to look like Navy Blue....???
  10. Hi, don't want to take away from the OP, but do you guys really think that this combo will only get harder and harder to find? Tell me what you think!
  11. I think anything in violet will get harder and harder to find.... and that happens with most colours each season. Only ones with awful leather are usually left over and still in stores! I think you should keep her a great colour combo!
  12. Wintotty, I hope you don't mind, but I'm posting a photo of my violet SGH work - I absolutely adore the bag. I think this bag will be very hard to find - I'm surprized they are still out there! That said, I don't think they will be out there much longer. I know that LVR sold out, and they aren't getting any more - they were trying to locate some, but as far as I know, they haven't been successful. I believe that BalNY is sold out. I would snag it, baby! If you change your mind, I believe that you could easily sell it for what you paid for it - as the fall/winter BalNY clothing line starts to come into the stores, and people start carrrying their fall/winter bags more (AND celebs photographed with them), and that demand for those WOW colors! Here is a photo of mine! Love her - haven't carried her out yet, but will as I change over my colors - and I have ordered two Bal blazers/jackets that she will look stunning with!!! [​IMG]
  13. OMG, lovelygarments, I can't stop drooling all over my keyboard everytime I look at your gorgy Violet Work

  14. GORGEOUS BAG!!!:drool::drool:

    I know, it's something about this combination I really love... and I guess you are right, prob. I can sell it later if my DH gets upset:graucho:
  15. I think the violet SGH is absolutly breathtaking and it will hard to find one in a couple of months.