Opinion on Tiffany earrings...

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  1. Hi everybody,

    i'm thinking about getting this pair of earrings


    but was wondering if anybody has seen something similar for cheaper? I'm willing to buy the Tiffany ones but would like to see if there is anything else out there...thank you!! :heart:
  2. Ooooh those are beautiful :drool:, if you can afford the Tiffany ones pictured go for it! I find if I go for a substitute I always regret it :tup:
  3. Kat, I am sure there are other options out there. I do love TIffanys and they never disappoint. You just have to be willing to pay the price. LOL
  4. these are beautiful can't go wrong with Tiffanys I would go for it.

  5. Hehe I know...I can't seem to find anything else though...argh...I'll probably just bite the bullet. Thanks guys! ;)
  6. Quite lovely! Nothing is ever questionable with Tiffany's, that's for sure. But, if you still want to look around, maybe you could see what's available at Bailey Banks and Biddle or Cartier.
  7. They're beautiful, no doubt, but will you wear them more often than once or twice a year? I have gotten into this "cost-per-wear" thing with myself and end up talking myself out of things bec of it.
  8. ^ i think that I will....I odnt know, maybe I am just tacky and wear these things on casual occasions?? Hahaha..
  9. I love them! Earrings are my favorite jewelry and I especially love swingy earrings!
  10. Those are really pretty! They'd dress up ANY outfit, that's for sure!!
  11. Beautiful. I would get the Tiffany instead of something else if I love it and I can afford it.
  12. i'm always a supporter to get tiffanys! go for it girl! you can't go wrong:tup:
  13. Go for the Tiffany ones. Like I said in another thread, I took back some diamond studs I bought at a mid-range mall jewelers and went to Tiffany's and bought them there. I could afford the Tiffany's all along and regret not buying them in the first place.