Opinion on this watch? *pic*


Wittnauer Belasco - yay or nay?

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  1. I'm treating myself to a little something that's not a bag (on a ban) so I thought this watch would be nice.


    Wittnauer (aka "watchmaker's watch) is one of the few brands with Swiss quartz movement and has a Sapphire crytal (scratch proof). I wanted the pink strap model but couldn't find it. This has a green strap, which goes nicely with my mostly brown wardrobe, and the watch also comes with a black strap. I can always buy a pink strap later. On other sites this watch retails for $765 and is on sale from $565. I'm getting it from Overstock with an additional 10% off. What do y'all think? TIA!
  2. i like it!!!!!
  3. its quite pretty!
    and the price is pretty awesome as well.
    i say go for it! :smile:
  4. Cute. Great price for a diamond bezel watch. And I LOVE green! I think it'll go with quite a lot.
  5. the green is quite refreshing, i think more so than pink.
  6. wow, it is only $265.00 now, but I do not like the green, not a fan.
  7. I say go for it! It's very pretty! And a versatile style, too.. :tup: Also, watch straps are so easy to change and are inexpensive; I'm sure you could easily find one in the shade of pink you originally wanted..
  8. i like it but would prefer in another color.
  9. I love it, both the style and color. I suppose I'm biased because Green is my favorite color.
  10. Nice!!! Did you see the purple strap?
  11. Thanks for your responses, everyone! I considered purple... but this green will go better with my wardrobe than purple :tup:
  12. looks nice, very elegant looking
  13. Classy!
  14. i like it! very unique and different! go for it!
  15. I think it's a great price on the watch - go for it!