opinion on this Tignanello bags, please

  1. it is on sale at JCPenney.com, $52 after today's 20% off coupon.
    Anyone has seen this bag in person? How is the quality of Tignanello bags?
    I'm tempted to buy it but again, it is so cheap, I probably should better save money for something else.

  2. hi! color is pretty, but tignanello bags aren't made very well...i'd save my money and hold out for something i really love!
  3. I have not seen that handbag in person but I do have 2 Tignanello handbags. I think for the money that they are nicely made bags and pretty stylish. They are not ultra high quality but neither is the price. You can find them at TJMaxx too, if you have one in your area.
  4. Don't like it, sorry!
  5. its a very classy bag, not all bags ned to be expensive to be good quality, but its up to you what youd rather do but i really think the purse is pretty and classy, for 52 you cant really go wrong:smile:good luck!