Opinion on this elastique wallet?

  1. Get it if you :heart;, i am sure LV can fix the elastic part if it get loose or snaps off.
  2. Hello, I've 4 Epi Elastique Wallets ( 2 Vanilla Porte-Feuille, 1 Vanilla Porte-Carte Transport & 1 Lilac Horizontal ). After a few times of using, the rubber band won't too tight anymore but not too bad, too. If you put your cards inside, the rubber band will look tight unless you put-out all of the filling
  3. love the color :drool:
  4. It's so lovely. I bet LV can fix it for you if it loosens.
  5. I don't own this wallet but just as others have said if the elastic breaks .... LV should be able to replace it for you. :yes:

    Never seen this wallet before .... its way gorgeous! :love:
  6. looks cute, but I don't like the inside...seems a bit too "bare" for me...:sweatdrop:
  7. its a cute wallet!
  8. i think you should get it, its so gorgeous, it looks like real vanilla! yum!
  9. Very cute wallet- I actually have it on my watch list. I need something vanilla! I think someone has this in lilac and it has not caused them any issues. I forget who though...