Opinion on this dress..Kate&Kass

  1. I'm so hesitant with buying something online from Shop Intuition - this dress is adorable, but I'm not sure if it'll end up being too sheer.. I've purchased from Intuition before but right now it's 50/50 with them...some good and some bad...

    What do you think of this dress? Worth it? :shrugs:

    As Seen In - In Touch Weekly - 2/26/2007 - SHOPINTUITION
  2. i think it's really cute! go for it! doesn't look very sheer on the girls in the link. you can always wear a slip underneath.
  3. Love it...Super cute!
  4. It's very cute, but maybe for the beach only or with jeans. It's just soo casual.
  5. It's really cute! :smile:
  6. Cute, i like.:yes:
  7. I think it's adorable..
  8. It's cute, but you should see how it looks on you, not everyone can easily pull it off.
  9. shop intuition has really bad custom service just FYI
  10. Very cute!
  11. I had a bad experience with them once too, but thought I would give them another chance since I really liked this dress. I went to the site today to show a friend my dress - it wasn't online anymore. I sent them an email to check the status - she said that there shipment of this dress was damaged and that they would no longer have it available. Why is it that I had to find out by asking - no communication was sent out or anything regarding my order. Back to square 1 :shrugs:
  12. awww i'm sorry. maybe it will pop up at another online retailer?
  13. I think it's cute but i have heard they have bad customer service...maybe you can try and get the dress somewhere else:wondering
  14. I think the dress is very cute- never dealt with them before, but have heard others complain
  15. Its a very nice dress. It would work better if you have a small chest though.