Opinion on this Bottega Veneta?

  1. What do you think? It's a crocodile envelope flap purse on both sides, and a small handle on top. I'd get it in a grayish-green.

    Is it too small for an everyday bag? It's quite pricey so I would want to carry it often.

    Thank you!

    bottega.JPG bottega2.JPG
  2. It's too small for an everyday bag IMO. I love totes or huge bags, they're more practical for everyday use. It's cute though :biggrin:
  3. That's too small for me too. I like bigger bags but for a night out, why not? Not sure about the price though.
  4. I wouldn't carry it for a night out. It's too "proper."

    For day I alternate between smallish bags (even evening bags for a bit of glitz) or large totes/hobos.

    I think I'm just trying to justify this purse. :amuse:

    It retails for a little under $7000.
  5. Oh wow! That's pricey! I think it's rather small as well, and not so convenient to carry.

    Boy - with that price you could have a Kelly?
  6. I would love a Kelly ... but I couldn't get a crocodile Kelly for $7000. :sad2:

    The design is simple yet different from the crocodile bags out there. That's why I like it.

  7. I think the bag is beautiful. It's structure, simple but elegant! With the two flaps on both side, you got two compartments in this bag so that gives you more room on the bag And of course it depands how many things you carry in your bag, that would determine if this bag is too small or good enough for everyday bag.
    Beautiful handheld bag from BV though and the croc too!

    Are thinking of getting it?? Oooo :love: :love:
  8. Oh, so it's croc you want? Well then for $7k it's a good looking croc bag!
  9. I think it's beautiful. Since you like it because the design is simple and different from other croc bags, why not get one?
  10. I think it's a gorgeous and very ladylike bag. I don't know about an every-day bag since it seems a bit grown-up and dressed up (compared to what I normally wear). I definitely would recommend one of their hobos though too... but it's all dependent on your every day style!
  11. The Bianco Cocco Nablik Ball Bag is GORGEOUS! :love: At $12,800 it's super expensive. Maybe later.... But I have no idea how it will look when you actually carry it with a wallet, cell phone, etc. inside.... Hobos are tricky!

    for picture

  12. it's nice because it's real croc...but, it looks kind of prim and boxy and not a lot of style..it can still be, and should be classic at this price, but there isn't much zing...not even in the shape..

    don't laugh, but there are some amazing vintage croc bags out there, where this was inpired "from"....with better price tags, and better styling...sorry to rain on the parade.
  13. OMG!!! That is a stunner of a bag!!! BV hobos of that style tend to be very stable in style, it doesn't slouch too much even with things in it, I would expect the same of the croc variety too. I was surprised at how big they were in person. I was expecting a much smaller bag. I would definitely swing by a BV boutique, or NM/Saks/Nordstroms and check it out if you can.

    I personally like the structured bag you first displayed over the hobo, but it's true, you could definitely find vintage and save yourself atleast $10000 if you wanted. Only in terms of wearability, would I pick the hobo. I don't think you could really go wrong with either one though. They're both beautiful!!! :love: :love:

    Also, I love the shoes in your avatar!!!
  14. It is beautiful! It might not be great as an everyday bag though. If you don't carry much it may be okay. It looks a little on the dressy side too because of the skin. Post pics if you get it.
  15. its beautiful