opinion on this bleecker

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    Is this practical to use as a school bag for university? It won't be everyday but is it too much? Also, I'm 5'5 but very thin, does this purse "drown" me? Opinions are much appreciated. TIA :smile:
  2. Hi and welcome to the pf! I think the bag would be great for school but definetely too big for everyday.
  3. thanks for the quick response!! also, does anybody know when this style was released?
  4. i think it works for school, but not really for anything else.
  5. Honestly.. I think it's too big on your cute little frame. ;)
  6. I love the colors of the bag, but it looks like it is gonna eat you. LOL. Maybe a tote or a messenger style bag?
  7. I also think that it overwhelms you as you are quite small.
  8. From that angle it looks way too large for your frame, do you have pic from the front? Are you wearing the strap across your body or on your shoulder? Its hard to tell. It's a cool bag but it looks so big that even your books would be swimming in it!
  9. Honestly, I do think it drowns you out. Of course as the person above me said, it may just be the angle. Do you have any more pictures?
  10. I hate to say it but I also think that the bag is too big for you.
  11. Love that Chocolate Signature! It looks to be a very large bag for everyday use. Do they have a smaller size?
  12. I also think it drowns you!

    How about a cute messenger like this?!
    Style Number 77004
  13. I agree, it looks too big. Those messenger bags are a perfect size for school and won't drown you.
  14. honest opinion, I think it's too big for you.
    Once you load it up w/stuff its going to kill you!!!
  15. i am wearing the straps over the shoulders and from that angle it is quite overwhelming.. it covers my whole bum! thanks for all your honest opinions!! maybe i'll just wear this when i travel.