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  1. Should I get this bag or is it too busy? It is about 12 inches wide and 13 inches high.


  2. I dont like it, too many studs for me. But if its your style, do it!
  3. I like it...
  4. eh... I say no.
  5. There's a lot going on there, but if you like it you should have it.
  6. I thought it was kind of busy too, that's why I can't decide. its different thought and i love Isabella fiore bags.......I still can't decide
  7. Help Help. The auction is about to end and I still can't decide. opinions please
  8. Is it two bags? or are there zips on both sides? Because I like the side with the one zip, but not the side with the two zips.

    It's not a bad bag. It's def. got a lot going on.
  9. i think the bag looks quite busy! but if you totally love it - then go for it!!!!! :smile:
  10. Ok. I'm going to pass on it. Too many mixed opinions and I'n not even sure my darn self. It was going for really cheap though. Only 178.00 .....regular price 495.00
  11. It looks fun though, even if you are going to pass on it. I don't think you're going to get the longevity out of it though.
  12. I kinda' like it. Lots of studs though.
    You'd definitely find it in the dark!
  13. Too many studs for me. If you LOVE it, get it.
  14. My sentiments exactly.
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