Opinion on this bag.....! "-)

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  1. Hey guys - I'm really digging this bag...hubby hates it, says it looks like a picture of SpongeBob's Squidward - (see attached, in case you don't have kids)...

    I think she's funky and unusual and yes, I know my opinion is what matters and hubby doesn't have to love it at all, but I like getting the opinions of others....just to see what you guys think....


    TIA - as always a thousand times!!!

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  2. I can't enlarge the picture...However, from afar the bag looks pretty awesome...:tup:
  3. Let me try again...

    How's this??

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  4. Sorry, I'm not feelin' it, but I have rather bland taste! If you love it, go for it.
  5. I cant seem to enlarge it either. The bag from what I can see looks nice..but after I compared it to the other pic I totally see what your husband was talking about! lol
  6. It looks like it would be a pain to get in.
  7. it's cute
  8. Nice looking. Comparing it to the cartoon does not help. I keep seeing a face in it. It looks good.
  9. If I wouldn't have seen the cartoon face, I would have giving it my blessings, but somehow, I just don't feel it. It's up to you, jchiara, but it looks like it might be hard to get into as well........
  10. I'm not feeling it - but I won't be the person carrying it so...if you really like it - get it. If you don't - don't bother.
  11. I do see the face. haha. but I think its a cute bag, different.
  12. Not feeling it...
  13. Not a huge fan of it.. but everyone loves different things. How boring would this world be if we all had the same bag?? ;)
  14. Haha That bag does look like Squidward:smile:) Its cute , im not sure about functionality..
  15. IMO it is okay.......but I think you can definitely find another bag that you love more. My rule of thumb now is that if you're feeling iffy about the bag or are not sure, chances are, you'll find one soon that you love much more. Usually when I buy a big that I'm on the fence about, I usually end up not using it anyways.

    Also now that I've seen the Spongebob character, I also cannot stop :roflmfao: Your husband has a great eye LOL.