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Oct 18, 2005
Okay I think I might be a hypocrite (did I spell that right?)

Yesterday I spent 15 minutes or so typing on a blog about how "i only buy classic bags in basic colors and stay away from trendy ones"
While for the most part this is true, I just stumbled onto this bag and fell in love. However, its a trendy color, a trendy shape and its HUGE (20 inches long).
Once I took the paper (stuffing) out of the bag and let the purse flatten out, I fell in love with the way that it hugged my body. It is the cutest thing.

I could not justify spending nearly 500 on a gold bag so i asked the sales lady to put it on hold for a day. Now i need help.

What do you guys think of this bag? It is the size of the first pic, but the color of the second pic . :unsure: :unsure: Help.

Metallic is in style big time right now-- I'd say go with your gut reaction!! Do you see yourself carrying this bag often, or are you a little skeptical- do you think it is too much, or a good investment? And it comes down to if you love it or not- do you look at it and just melt??

I LOVE it, but that is just me!!:love:
Yes i melted when i saw this bag. i just discovered this designer recently and have bee falling in love with many of their bags. But I'm worried that a metallic bag might date itself and I would not be able to use this bag for years to come. What do u think??
It is up to you- how long do you want the bag to last for? I have many bags I keep that are probably outdated, but I feel confident wearing them, so I rock them! If you feel you can do the same, then you should, if not- go for a safer color like the brown. But, I'm just loving the metallic!!
LOVE IT. i MUST have the brown one. i just looked on nordstrom's website and they say that they don't carry isabella fiore, but i swear i've seen them at the actual store...does anyone know? because i'm going there today, it'd be nice to take a look at this bag too.
Megs said:
^^I think they do-- but maybe they don't have any right now. Usually it depends on the store-- why not call right now and ask :smile:

what an excellent idea. i think because i hate it so much when people call my work and ask me questions when i'm busy with customers that i don't ever think to call anyone, but they wouldn't be busy right now...
Let me know if you had a chance to see the brown one. I hope you did, because I heard that they were selling out fast in all colors and only a few are floating around

I'm wondering what you think of the size when you put it on. (the larger one) I did end up buyng it and I'm hoping I wont regret that its too big. Its nearly 20 inches long.

Oh yeah, I know that only select Nordstrom stores carry Isabella. You are better of going to Saks or Neimans unless you call each and every Nordstrom in your area. But I know for a fact that Saks only has about four of five left in all their stores total. I had my sales lady look it up bacause I decided i wanted both colors.

I had to get them both because I know they won't be there next week and I didnt want to regret it.

My boyfriend thinks I'm ridiculous buying two huge bags. What do you guys think? :embarasse :embarasse

Its had to see on the pic how large they are but they really are HUGE.


They had a smaller version (pictured below) of these but I really fell for the larger ones

OPINIONS ANYONE?????????????????????????????????????????:oh:
I thought two of the same bag might be a bit ridiculous at FIRST.

But have you ever loved a pair of shoes or a shirt that you bought the same one in a different color? I have. So whats the difference with a bag? It not like I'd be wearing them at the same time, right?

plus, I received 20% off of them. that was nearly 100 bucks off each bag. I'm really trying to justify this to myself. :embarasse

if anyone else has any input I would love to hear. if it turns out that most of you say I'm silly, then I will return one of the bags...............reluctantly. :suspiciou